Creating Shipping Methods for Self-fulfilled Products

Note: The ability to sell Self Fulfilled products is exclusive to the Pro and Advanced account subscribers.

If you plan to offer products that you will be fulfilling directly, you may need to specify applicable shipping methods. Example shipping methods include:
  • US mail
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS Second Day Air
  • FedEx Next Day

Each product you offer can belong to a shipping category, and you can specify a shipping method(s) for each shipping category and destination.
An applicable shipping method for an order that contains Self-fulfilled Products would be able to accommodate every size of the products that might be ordered by your customers. 
For example: If you have various Self-fulfilled Products that ship in a small, medium and large packages, in order for the system to calculate the proper shipping cost, there would need to be a shipping method which accommodates for small, medium and large items.
You can create or delete shipping methods at any time.

Creating shipping methods

  1. In the Dashboard, click SELLING from the main menu.
  2. Click Self-Fulfilled Products from the main area.
  3. Select Shipping Methods
  4. Click Add Shipping Methods. A new window will load.
  5. Type the Shipping Method Name in the field provided. This name will be visible to your customers. Also choose the Currency from the dropdown menu options.
  6. Under "This shipping method delivers the following sizes", check the package sizes you want to offer. You will need to enter delivery costs for each package size you choose to offer and the maximum number of items each packaging size will accommodate.
  7. If you are using multiple package sizes, you may want to indicate the number of smaller packages that fit inside the next size up.
    *A self-fulfilled product is only designed to use one package size. By entering the number of smaller packages that will fit inside the next size up, an order for that product will be able to ship using that next size up when warranted.
  8. Under This shipping method delivers to the following destinations, click to highlight the name of a country you can deliver to press Add. The country will be added to the Selected Countries box on the right. Repeat this action until you've added all of the countries you can ship to.
  9. Click Save to apply your changes

*Important note!

When you set the number of items that fit into larger packages (Large, Extra-large and Bulky),
the system will calculate the correct number of smaller packages that fit inside based on those quantities.

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