Coupon Campaigns - Creating Coupons in Bulk

Note: This feature is exclusive to the Advanced plan subscribers.

To promote and encourage your clients to purchase products through your Zenfolio site, you can create coupons that can apply a discount to your client's order.

You can choose to create a single coupon that can be applied by different clients to their orders.

Click here for more information on creating single coupons.

However, you can also create a Coupon Campaign that can generate multiple coupon codes for events with lots of participants. With Coupon Campaigns, multiple coupons with unique codes can be generated in bulk to easily allow you to create coupons for many clients.

Please watch this video to see how to use the Coupon Campaign feature to create coupons in bulk:

All the same steps for creating individual coupons apply when you create a coupon campaign with just a few extra steps.

As with single coupons, to create a coupon campaign you'll need to access your Coupons & Campaigns page.
  1. In your account's Dashboard, go to the Selling tab.
  2. Go to Coupons & Campaigns (alternatively click ⊕ New in Coupons & Campaigns to go directly to creating a new coupon).
Access Coupons

  1. After using the above steps to go to the Coupons & Campaigns page, click on Add New Coupon.
  2. Under Coupon Information select Coupon campaign of: and enter the number of coupons you wish to create
  3. Enter the desired Coupon Code for this campaign - the system will automatically append a number or a random alpha-numeric code to the code you create.
  4. Select either In order starting with 0001 or Randomly - if you select to randomly generate codes you will be able to see a preview of the code.

    The use of the Random option is recommended over using generated codes in order. With the latter, your clients may be able to apply coupons meant for other customers by guessing the next coupon number in sequence.
  5. Continue to create the value, restrictions and applicability and saving your changes when you are done - click here for more details on the rest of the step for creating coupons.

Coupon Campaigns Create

For more information on creating coupons individually and the remainder of the steps. click here!

Exporting your bulk Coupon Campaigns

After you've created the coupon campaign, you can use the Export feature to export a list of the generated coupons. Upon exporting, a CSV file will be generated with a list of the coupon codes and downloaded to your computer.

To export the coupon campaign, click on Export to the right of the Coupon Campaign when looking at your Coupons & Campaigns page.

Please note: Once you create and export a coupon campaign, you will still need to distribute the coupon codes to your clients. You may want to do this by emailing your clients each of their coupon codes individually. 

Export Coupon Campaign

Tracking Coupon Usage

You can see the number of times that the coupons in the campaign have been used. You can also see a list of orders to which the coupon has been applied.

Click on the order number to view the details of the order.

You can find the Usage details by clicking on Usage to the right of the coupon campaign when looking at your Coupons & Campaigns page.
Coupon Campaign Usage

Please note, any discounts provided by coupons that discount the cost of products to a price lower than the base lab costs of the products will be the responsibility of the photographer. The difference in cost will be charged to the photographer's Zenfolio account. We encourage you to double check your coupons to ensure that no discounts are provided that is larger than the profit made on the sale.