Is my Site Secure?

Your Zenfolio site contains a mix of TLS encrypted pages and pages that are not encrypted.
Any page where secure information, such as your username, password and your client's credit card information, is transmitted uses encryption to keep the data secure. The above data is sent through a page that uses HTTPS that is encrypted with our TLS certificate.
Secure Connection
This means that anytime private information is transmitted, it is always encrypted to ensure that it cannot be deciphered in the off chance that the transmission is intercepted.

This includes the shopping cart in your site. All information sent through the shopping cart, including your clients' credit card information, is kept safe and protected.

Pages where no private login information or payment information is transmitted do not use HTTPS. 
Your connection is not secure
This is done to ensure that your site loads with minimal delays, and to ensure that your site accessible to all of your visitors.

Password Locked and Private Galleries

Please note that for galleries that are locked with a password or set to Private in Access Control, the photos are not transmitted at all until they are unlocked with a password or until you have logged in to your account. This secures the photos in those galleries and prevents unauthorized access to those private galleries.


Using your own SSL/TLS Certificate

The system does not allow for using your own SSL or TLS certificate (or CSR Certificate) as the data is transmitted through Zenfolio servers. Zenfolio automatically provides the TLS certificate for your site's encrypted pages.


Will this change in the future?

Yes. Our engineers are working toward making changes to allow for the use of HTTPS for all pages in your site. Please see this page for more information.