Text Box Formatting and Linking

Text Box Example

Text boxes such as the Welcome Message, About Message, and Captions for photographs, groups, galleries, and collections all have formatting and linking options to provide control over the way the text is presented.

Formatting Options

These formatting options are found in this order on the menu bar above the text box. You may select the option before entering the text, or highlight the text, then select the option.  Click here to go directly to the instructions for creating links.


Text Box Tools Undo
This is used to Undo the last change made in the text box.  This can be used to quickly undo any mistakes or unwanted changes.

Text Alignment

Text Box Tools Text Alignment
This is used to change the alignment of text.  The available options are:
  • Left Align
  • Center Align
  • Right Align
  • Justify

Clear Formatting
Text Box Tools Clear Formatting

This is used to clear any formatting applied to the text. The formatting can be inherited when the text is pasted into the text box or applied using the text box tools. This will clear the formatting allowing the text to just be simple text.

Without formatting applied to the text in the the text box, the system will apply the formatting based on the theme applied to the page.

Numbering and Bullets
Text Box Tools Bullets

This is used to create a numbered or bulleted list.

Text Box Tools Paste

This is used to paste text from the computer clipboard into the text box. You can also paste directly into the text box using by right clicking then choosing Paste or by using the paste keyboard shortcut (Control/Command + V key).

Pasted text will retain its text formatting. Text that already contains formatting will ignore the font styles chosen in the theme applied to the page.

Text Style Tools
Text Box Tools Font Style

These are tools used to apply simple font formatting and style options to the text.  Formatting applied with these tools will override the formatting applied in the theme applied to the page. For more formatting options, customize the text using a custom theme instead and apply the custom theme to the page.

Hyperlink Tool
Text Box Tools HyperLink Tool

This is used to create a clickable link in the text.  Please see below for detailed instructions.

Source/HTML editing
Text Box Tools Source

This is used to directly edit the HTML code of the text box.  This can also be used to embed HTML code.

This tool should only be used by those with experience in web development.  Zenfolio does not provide any assistance or answer questions about editing HTML code or embedding code.


Creating Links

  1. Enter and highlight the text you wish to convert into a clickable link.
  2. Click on the Hyperlink Tool. A pop-up window will appear.
  3. Enter the URL. Make sure it begins with http:// or https://
  4. Check the box for Open in new window/tab, if you would like your site visitor to be directed away from your Zenfolio site when they click the link.
    We suggest checking this box so that your site visitor maintains a browser tab or window that contains your site.
  5. Click OK and your link will be applied.

Text Box creating a link