Protecting Your Photos

Zenfolio knows how important your images are to you. We have many ways to protect your photos.

The Access Control panel, accessible via the Toolbox, allows you to control your visitors' access to your photos and other information.


The following elements can be enabled or disabled through Access Control:

Gallery Lockout Feature

To enhance the security of password-protected galleries, entering an incorrect password too many times will lock that user out of the gallery for a period of time.

After entering the incorrect password too many times, we will display the following message "You have one more attempt remaining before this gallery may be locked. Please contact photographer if you do not remember the password". If the enter an incorrect password again, we will send a notification e-mail to the photographers main email address on file. 

Please see this guide for more details on this feature.

Other suggested ways to protect your photos:

Please also see this video on how to create secure client galleries: