Free MpixPro Test Print

Note: This is for Pro and Advanced subscribers only.

MpixPro does not do any color adjustments - you as the photographer make all adjustments on your end and retain complete creative control of your images. To make sure what you see on your screen matches the printed output, MpixPro will print five test files free of charge.

The five test files that you submit should represent the range of work that you do, be properly exposed, and be sized for an 8x10" print at 300ppi.

All five free 8" x 10" test prints must be chosen at the same time. They will be shipped to you for free.

Once used, it will not appear again.

To order the test prints, start the order through the Photos page of your Dashboard.  Select the five desired images then click Buy in the Photos page of the Dashboard.


  1. After clicking Buy, choose the Mpixpro Test Prints category.
  2. Next to 5 Free 8” x 10” Test Prints, click Add.
  3. Drag and drop the images into the five available slots.
  4. Click Add to Cart.

Mpixpro Test Prints

Then complete the ordering of the test prints by checking out through the cart.

Once your test prints arrive, check them for color calibration to your monitor and make any adjustments if needed. More information on Color Management is available in the Support Center.