Troubleshooting slow network access

If you are experiencing slow network access the first thing to do is to execute the Zenfolio Speed Test.

Executing the Zenfolio Speed Test

  1. Go to
  2. Click Begin Test.

  3. When both download and upload test are completed the results will be displayed at the bottom.

If you need more guidance please send the results of the speed test to Customer Support for further assistance.


Trace test

Another way to troubleshoot is to open your computer's Command Prompt. It is accessed through the Programs or Applications folder.

This action can provide helpful information for the Customer Support team to assist them in resolving your network issues. Please send a screenshot of the results of this test (or copy and paste) and include that with your customer support inquiry.

PC users

  1. Open the command prompt
  2. Type tracert
  3. Let the test run until completed.

MAC users

  1. Open the Terminal application under Applications » Utilities
  2. Type traceroute
  3. Let the test run until completed.