Gift Certificates

Note: This feature is exclusive to the Pro and Advanced account subscribers.

The Zenfolio Pro and Advanced plans includes the ability to create gift certificates that clients can use to pay for photos and products sold through the photographer's site.

Gift Certificates provide a credit for purchasing through the site and is as good as cash so gift certificate codes should not be publicly advertised.  They should only be given to clients that have somehow paid for the credit in advanced either by buying a gift certificate directly or as part of a purchased package.

When applied to an order, gift certificates subtract their worth from an order total.  If the total order is less than the value of the gift certificate, the remaining amount is saved in the gift certificate.  The client is free to use the remaining amount to pay for later purchases until the total amount of the gift certificate is exhausted.

It is important to keep in mind that if your certificate discounts the total amount to less than base lab prices, you as the photographer, are responsible for the difference. Your account balance and credit card may be charged as a result.

For Advanced plan subscribers, the ability to create coupons in bulk as part of a coupon campaign is also provided.

Please also review Applying Gift Certificates during checkout.

‚ÄčThe photographer must first create the gift certificate code before the client is able to apply the gift certificate during checkout.

This video covers how to create Gift Certificates.


Creating new gift certificates

  1. In the Dashboard, select Selling from the Main Menu.
  2. Under Gift Certificate click New. A new screen will load with gift certificate options to fill out.


  1. Under Gift Certificate information type a Name for the certificate. This is for your personal reference only.

    Type a description of the gift certificate (optional).

    Create a Certificate Code for your customer to use during checkout.

  2. Under Certificate Value select the product currency you would like to assign from the drop-down menu.

    Next to Amount enter the value of the certificate in the form field.

  3. Click Save to create the gift certificate.

Please click here for information on selling a Gift Certificate as a Self-fulfilled Product!