Sharing and Embedding Video

Every video has a specific link (URL) to the page where it is presented. You can share these links with anyone directly, or through social networks using the sharing options. Embedding video into an external website is also possible.

Sharing Groups, Galleries, and Collections provides additional sharing information.

Access the Sharing Options

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Navigate to the gallery that contains the desired video.
  3. Select the desired video in the gallery.
  4. Under the Toolbox, Go to Sharing and Client Access. The share panel will appear.
Sharing Video New Edit View

Note: From Website View you may use the share button to access the same options when logged to your account. The share button must be set to show under Page Options.

From the share window you may choose to share your video's photo page via a number of social networks or e-mail. You may share the direct link to the photo page, or the different sized versions of the video. You may also use the available embed code to place your video on a website or message board.

Share Video Options

  1. The direct link to the video's Photo Page is displayed.  This can be copied and pasted as needed.
  2. Click on Share via... to see the built in Social Media sharing options.
  3. Click Close when you are finished.

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Share direct link (URL) to Video

  1. Click on Direct Links to images.  The different size options will be displayed.
  2. Click on the desired size to see the direct URL for the selected video size.  This link can be copied and pasted as needed.
  3. Click Close when you are finished.

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Getting the Embed Code for a Video:

  1. Click on Get the embed code. The Embed code options will be displayed.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the desired video size.
  3. Check this box to include your video logo along with the video player control overlay.
  4. The embed code will be displayed.  This can be copied and pasted as needed.
    You can choose to view the HTML embed code or BBcode the code for use in message boards.
  5. Click close when you're finished.

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For information on displaying your logo on embedded videos, please view the Help page Changing the Embedded Video Player Logo.