Pending Order Approval

Note: This feature is exclusive to Pro and Advanced account subscribers.

For each Price List, you can specify if orders are sent to the fulfillment partner automatically, or if they will be reviewed and approved by you first. Approving orders gives you ability to fine-tune the images before the order gets submitted to the lab. As part of this fine-tuning you may make changes, such as replacing customer-selected photos with high-resolution versions, or adjusting cropping to make sure the final product is perfectly aligned with your artistic intentions.

During the order process, your customers will be notified that the order will be approved prior to printing. You will also get an email notification prompting you to review and approve the order.

It is important to approve submitted orders quickly so clients do not need to wait long for orders to be fulfilled.

Pro and Advanced plan subscribers are able to replace images in pending orders and adjust the cropping applied to the images in the order. And of course, they can approve orders when the order is ready to be fulfilled.


Payments for Pending Orders

Please note that the payment for the order is collected when the order is placed. This happens regardless of whether or not Pending Order Approval has been enabled. This means that your clients are charged for the order and pay for the order when they placed the order- the system does not wait to charge them until only after the order is approved.

30 Day Limit on Unapproved Pending Orders

When Pending Order Approval is enabled, the photographer will have 30 days (from when an order is placed) to review and approve all pending orders. If not approved in that time frame, the order will be automatically cancelled and a refund sent back to the client.

Advanced Editing Options

Additional editing options are available exclusively for Advanced plan subscribers. Click on the links below for more information on those exclusive editing options:

Setting up Order Approval

Order Approval needs to be enabled separately for each price list you create. Customers will be notified that their orders are not confirmed until you approve them on the order confirmation page.

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Selling.
  2. Click Price Lists.
  3. Click the name of the price list you would like to edit.

Choose Price List

  1. Click on Price List Settings. The Price List will be saved and a new page will load.
  2. Mark the circle for I will approve orders before sending for fulfillment next to Order Approval.
  3. If you are selling your photos as downloadable Digital Products in addition to selling prints and other products, the option is provided to "Automatically approve digital downloads" so you will not need to approve these orders.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

Enable Pending Order Approval

Sort, Change Photo, and Adjust Cropping Before Approval

Once an order is placed you will receive an e-mail and you can view and/or approve the order in the Pending Orders page. As a pending order, you may also change the photo, replacing the image for either the order only or the original image, and adjust cropping as necessary.

  1. In the Dashboard, click SELLING from the main menu.
  2. Click Pending Orders from the menu on the left. A page will load with any pending orders listed.
  3. Click the order number to view order details. A page will load with any pending orders listed.

Select Pending Order



When reviewing orders, you may sort products As Ordered, by File Name, or by Title.

Pending Order Change Sorting Order


Change Photo

If necessary, replace customer-selected photos with high-resolution or properly cropped ones using the Change Photo option.  Before using this option, upload the replacement photo to a gallery in your account.

  1. Select Change Photo.
  2. In the pop-up window, select the photo you would prefer, or use the select gallery button to locate the gallery where the photo exists and select the photo there.
  3. Choose to Replace for this order only or to Replace original photo.
  4. Click Replace when you are finished.
  5. The new photo will appear in the area next to the old photo.
  6. Once you are satisfied that the order is complete click Approve Order in the bottom left corner. The order will then be sent to the relevant vendors.

Pending Order Change Photo

You can also watch this video tutorial on how to change and replace a photo in a pending order with a different image.


Adjust Cropping

You can also Adjust Cropping to make sure the final product is perfectly aligned with your artistic intentions.

  1. Select Adjust Cropping.
  2. Set cropping by dragging the orange handles.
  3. Click Done when you are finished
  4. Click Approve Order once the order is ready to be approved.

Pending Order Adjust Cropping

Additional information can also be found at the links below.