Selling Globally on Zenfolio

This feature is only available for Pro and Advanced plan levels.

The Zenfolio e-commerce platform allows you to sell products in multiple currencies and deliver them to customers worldwide. 

Products fulfilled by Zenfolio partners can be sold in the following five currencies when supported by our partners. When orders are placed for products which are fulfilled by our partners visitors and clients will be able to pay for their orders by credit card or Paypal.

  • US Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • Euros
  • Pounds Sterling

Self-fulfilled and Digital Products can be sold in the following 18 currencies and must be paid for using Paypal:

  • Australian Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Euros
  • Pounds Sterling
  • Japanese Yen
  • U.S. Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • Danish Krone
  • Polish Zloty
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Hungarian Forint
  • Czech Koruna
  • Israeli Shekel
  • Mexican Peso

Advanced plan subscribers also have the ability to use a merchant account to collect payments for their self-fulfilled orders.

Your account statement tracks any profits or fees earned from selling in each currency. The balance for each currency is maintained independently in your Zenfolio account. For example, if you are selling products in Pounds Sterling and Euros, you will have two balances, one in GBP and another one in EUR. We don't combine these balances and we don't do any currency conversions. We do not collect payment for self-fulfilled products.

Account Statement Example


Your clients can pay for their orders with a credit card, or via PayPal.

Selling products fulfilled by Zenfolio partners

You may choose from various products offered by our partners based on your location and the location of your target customers:

Mpix Lab MpixPro USA USA and Canada USD
Zenfolio US USA Worldwide USD, GBP, CAD, Euro
Pikto Canada Canada CAD
Picto France Worldwide Euro
One Vision Imaging UK Worldwide except US and Canada GBP, Euro
Zenfolio Europe Europe Worldwide except US and Canada GBP, Euro
Nulab Professional Imaging & NuShots Labs Australia Australia and New Zealand AUD
fotoflōts USA Worldwide USD, GBP, CAD, Euro

Click here for more information about each vendor.

To add prints and photo products in multiple currencies to your price lists, you first need to make the currencies available. This can be done when you are editing the price list for Products, Prices, and Currencies as part of adding a product.

  1. Click Currencies. A pop-up menu will load with all of the currencies available.
  2. Check the boxes next to the currencies you would like to add to your price list.
  3. Click Show More Currencies to see all of the currencies available. This option is only available if you have created a digital product.
  4. Click Save when you are satisfied with your selections.
  5. New tabs will appear at the top of your price list for each currency selected. Select the tab for which currency you would like to add products, and continue to step 3 of adding a product.
Add Currencies to Price List


Let's consider specific examples: 

Selling to UK and European Union

If you would like to sell products to customers in the UK and European Union, you should create a price list and include two currencies: Pounds Sterling and Euros. You will be able to add products from One Vision Imaging, Zenfolio US, Zenfolio Europe, and fotoflōts.

NOTE:  Zenfolio US and fotoflōts products branded products are located in the United States, so shipping charges may be higher and delivery times will be longer.


Selling to US and Canada

If your clients are located in the US and Canada, you will be offering products from Mpix, Mpixpro, Pikto, Zenfolio US, and fotoflōts. Create a price list and include two currencies: US Dollars and Canadian Dollars. Specify which products to sell, set prices, and assign the price list to the galleries offered for sale.

Pikto only accepts payments in Canadian Dollars. Their products can only be added to Price Lists under Canadian Dollars.


Selling to US and European Union

If you are a photographer based in the European Union, and would like to sell your work to clients in the United States, you will need to create a price list which includes US Dollars and Euros.

You should add products from OVI and Zenfolio Europe to the price list into the Euros tab and set prices in Euros. Then add products from Mpix/Mpixpro and Zenfolio US into the US Dollars tab.

Of course, you can also add products from fotoflōts and price them in both currencies since this partner ships to the US and the European Union.

The customer's shipping destination and the currency selection define which products will be available for purchase from the price list created by the photographer. Based on the customer's geographic location we preselect the appropriate destination and currency, however customers can override these settings.

For example, let's consider a photographer who has a price list with products from Mpix and OVI, priced in US Dollars and Euros respectively. A customer who wants to pay in US Dollars and ship products to the United States will see products from Mpix. However, if a customer wants to pay in Euros and ship to the United States, no products will be available since Mpix prices cannot be set in Euros, while OVI does not ship to the United States.


Selling Globally

If you want to sell globally, you will need to do the following:

  • Create a price list and add four currencies to it: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds Sterling, and Euros.
  • Add products from Mpix, Zenfolio US, and fotoflōts to the US Dollars tab
  • Add products from Mpix, Pikto, Zenfolio US, and fotoflōts to the Canadian Dollars tab

Mpix and Mpixpro accepts US Dollars and ships to the United States and Canada. Pikto only accepts payments in Canadian Dollars and ships only to Canada. fotoflōts ship worldwide. Zenfolio US is able to ship worldwide.

  • Add products from OVI, Zenfolio Europe, and fotoflōts to the Pounds Sterling tab
  • Add products from OVI, Zenfolio Europe, and fotoflōts to the Euros tab

Zenfolio Europe branded products cannot be shipped to the US or Canada.

You can also add the products that you fulfill yourself as well as digital downloads into your price list.

Selling products that you fulfill yourself

The Zenfolio platform allows you to sell self-fulfilled products that you print, package, and ship yourself. These products fulfilled by you can be sold in 18 currencies described above. Zenfolio can take care of the entire ordering process by taking orders and collecting payments via PayPal.

Before creating a self-fulfilled product, you need to define Shipping Methods used to deliver orders to your customers. Each shipping method specifies the currency for shipping charges. For example, you can create "UPS Ground" and "UPS Second Day" shipping methods in US Dollars, and the "DHL Express" shipping method in Euros. You will set prices for your shipping methods in corresponding currencies. Based on the customer-selected destination, the appropriate shipping methods will be offered in the shopping Cart.

You will also decide if you want Zenfolio to collect payments to your PayPal account, or whether you will collect payment from your customers yourself. If you want Zenfolio to handle PayPal payments, you will need to specify your PayPal account e-mail on the Settings > Selling > Collecting Payment page. This setting applies to all orders that you fulfill yourself, regardless of the currency.

Note that each self-fulfilled product can be sold in one currency, so if you want to offer the same product in multiple currencies you will need to define this product for each currency. You can click the Duplicate link in the list of self-fulfilled products to quickly replicate products for several currencies. After creating your self-fulfilled product you will need to add them to price lists in corresponding currency tabs and set prices.

Selling Digital Products

In order to offer digital products for sale in multiple currencies, all you need to do is add each of the products to a multi-currency price list under each currency tab and specify prices. Digital products are not tied to a specific currency. You can add the same digital product to different currency tabs in the price list.

Account balances in multiple currencies

Separate balance is maintained for each currency you sell in. As you sell products in different currencies, your balances in each currency accumulate separately. You cannot convert between currencies in your Zenfolio account.

Requesting payments to you

In order to collect your funds from Zenfolio, click the Request Payment button on the Account Statement page. You will be able to specify the amount to be transferred for each currency, and we will send you the money via PayPal. In the United States you can also request the payment to be made via a check in USD.


Just like self-fulfilled products and shipping methods, coupons are tied to a specific currency. If you want to offer the same discount in multiple currencies, you will need to create the same code for each currency. You can click the Duplicate link in the list of coupons to easily copy a coupon and then simply change the currency on the copied coupon.

Sales Taxes (US) and Value Added Tax (UK and EU)

In the majority of countries and states Sales Tax has to be collected from customers and remitted to local taxation authorities. The rules and regulations vary between states and countries – that's why Zenfolio provides you with a flexible system that allows you to comply with your local laws:

  1. Zenfolio collects sales tax on all orders shipped to the State of California, USA, where our headquarters are located.
  2. You can also specify the Tax to be collected for orders shipped to a particular destination. This setting can be changed on the SELLING > Sales Tax page Zenfolio collects the specified sales tax on your behalf and remits it to your Zenfolio account. You are responsible for reporting these taxes to your local tax authorities. If you specify the sales tax, it will be collected on orders fulfilled by our partner labs as well as on orders that you fulfill yourself.
  3. Depending on your local tax requirements, you may be responsible for VAT on the profit you earn. When pricing your products to be sold in the European Union and other destinations, the common practice is to include VAT into the marked up prices. If you are required to charge an additional sales tax on top of VAT, you can specify it in the Sales Tax setup page.

See this guide for how to set your VAT and set your account to charge the VAT to your UK/EU customers.

Zenfolio provides you with a special Tax Report, which shows Sales Taxes and/or VAT broken down by each country.


The selling reports present all the financial information related to the sales of your photos on the Zenfolio platform. The information from reports can be easily transferred into your accounting system or given to your accountant to be incorporated into your finances. From the summary top-level view to the detailed transactions – information is available to help you deal with the important numbers.