Enabling and charging VAT (Value Added Tax)

Note: These options are for UK and EU Pro and Advanced account subscribers only.

You can collect value added tax (VAT) for vendors products, digital products, self-fulfilled products, and shipping. VAT must first be configured before it can appear in a Price List. The specified tax is collected and placed into your account. You are responsible for paying all applicable taxes to your local government.

Configuring Value Added Tax

In order to collect VAT, you must first configure your VAT settings before adding it to a price list. This will include your VAT number, business information, and VAT percentage. You'll also indicate here when to apply VAT.
  1. In the Dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. Click on Selling on the left.
  3. Click VAT to load the VAT page.
  4. Check the box for collecting VAT or other taxes.
  5. Complete the fields as necessary. Be sure to include your VAT number. Generally all information should be specific to your local region, state, or province. All information will be viewable by your clients in the order receipt, including the total VAT. This information does not determine if the VAT will be applied.
  6. Enter the VAT rate in the field provided.
  7. Check the boxes that apply. For example, if you would like VAT applied to shipping charges check Apply VAT to shipping.
  8. Click Save to apply your changes.
Configure VAT

This information does not determine if the VAT will be applied.  Follow the steps below to apply the VAT.

Applying VAT to a Price List

Once your VAT is configured, it must be applied to a price list for the prices to change. You may need to place it under multiple currencies on one price list.
  1. In the Dashboard, go to Selling.
  2. Click Price Lists.
  3. Click the name of the price list you would like to edit.
Choose Price List
  1. After opening the Price List, select the Currency for which you would like to charge the VAT.
  2. Click on the VAT tab.
  3. Mark the circle for Apply Value Added Tax (VAT) to this price list.
  4. Click on the Products tab.
  5. Review the amount your clients are charged for products with the VAT included.  Adjust the Selling price if needed.
    Repeat steps 2-5 until all the currencies have VAT applied where necessary.
  6. Click Save to apply your changes or click Save & Assign to also assign it to a gallery.

Enable VAT in price listMake sure that the price list is assigned to the proper galleries for the new VAT settings to take effect.


VAT displayed in the Cart

Your client's will see the price with VAT included when adding prints and products to the shopping cart.

VAT in Select Product Window

VAT in Order / Receipt

Total VAT is calculated per order, taking into account all applicable coupons. If a coupon is used, the amount of the coupon is deducted from the total, and the Total VAT is updated to reflect the correct percentage of the total.

Your customer's receipt will indicate VAT number and company information as well as Total VAT paid.

VAT in Receipt

VAT in Sales Reports

Once a client has placed an order, you may review the collected VAT in your Sales Reports.

Taxes and VAT Reports