A-Record & CNAME on 123-Reg

The A Record allows web browsers to know the location (IP address) of your website. The settings below will point web browsers to your Zenfolio site when your Domain Name is used. Zenfolio will then direct visitors to your Zenfolio website.

The CNAME record is a type of record in the DNS which specifies that the domain name is an alias. The Alias name is the sub-domain you want to use. For example "www", or "photos" which will display as www.yourdomainname.com or photos.yourdomainname.com in the address bar of your Zenfolio site.

‚ÄčThe steps provided are based on the last known setup for this domain's DNS administration page.  If the steps are no longer accurate, please see this page for the most up-to-date instructions on editing the DNS records for this domain host.

Step 1 - Setting your A-Record and CNAME

Generally, following the steps below will let you change your DNS settings:

  • Login to your 123-Reg account.
  • Next to the Your domain you want to integrate with your Zenfolio site, click Manage.
  • Under Advanced domain settings, click Manage DNS.
  • Select the Advanced DNS tab.

  • A-Record - Under DNS Entry, you will need to change an existing A-record so that it points to Zenfolio's IP address:
  1. Click the pencil icon next to any of the A type records
  2. Change the number in the Destination Target field to our IP address -
  3. Click on the red check mark to save your changes

  • CNAME - Under DNS Entry, you may need to a new A-record so that it points to Zenfolio's IP address:
  1. Under Hostname enter the subdomain which will apear before domain name (ex: www or photos)
  2. Select CNAME from the Type droplist
  3. Enter "custom.zenfolio.com." in the Destination CNAME field
  4. Click on the red check mark to save your changes


Step 2

Following the instructions in Step 1 directs your custom domain web traffic to Zenfolio. The next step is to set the domain to your Zenfolio account. 
  1. Return to your Zenfolio account then go to Settings.
  2. Go to Website.
  3. Go to Custom Domain.
  4. Select Point a custom domain name to your Zenfolio pages.
  5. Enter your domain name. Be sure the domain you enter begins with www.
  6. Click Test DNS Setup.

DNS Test New Edit View


If the Test comes back with the message The domain name is configured correctly, click Save and you are done.

DNS Test Good Results

‚ÄčIf it comes back with This domain is not configured correctly, then you will need to wait longer or check your settings at your domain registrar.

DNS Test Results Bad

Some common Issues to look for:
  • A record pointing to Zenfolio was not created.
  • There are multiple A records.  There should only be one A record and it should be the one pointing to
  • Cname Record is not pointing to custom.zenfolio.com.  The custom part should NOT be edited or changed.
  • Domain is using nameservers from another service.  The domain should use the domain host's default nameservers.
If you've verified that your account has the correct DNS Settings and after 48 hours your custom domain is still not working, please send an email to Customer Support for assistance. Please include a screenshot of your DNS settings from inside your Domain Registrar account. See the illustrated guides for examples.