Using your custom domain with

This guide shows the steps for pointing a custom domain hosted by to Zenfolio.

The steps provided are based on the last known setup for this domain's DNS administration page.  If the steps are no longer accurate, please see this page for the most up-to-date instructions on editing the DNS records for this domain host.

There are 2 important steps to setting up your domain name to point to Zenfolio.

Step 1 - Pointing your domain to Zenfolio from your iwantmyname account

If you have your registered your domain name with you can very easily point your domain to Zenfolio by logging into your account and following the directions below.
  1. Log into your account then click on Setup in the menu.
  2. Click on Apps & Services. start page

  1. Look for Zenfolio in their list of featured services and then click on it.
  2. Click on Add Zenfolio
  3. Click Install Zenfolio. will automatically make the needed changes to your domain's A-Record and CNAME settings. apply ZF

After following the above steps, will automatically direct you to your Zenfolio account's Custom Domain page.  Follow the steps below starting at step 4 to complete the setup


Step 2 - Setting the domain to your Zenfolio account

After following the above steps, will automatically direct you to your Zenfolio account's Custom Domain page.  If needed, here are the steps for how to manually arrive at that page and complete the setup.
  1. From the Dashboard, got to Settings.
  2. Go to Website.
  3. Go to Custom Domain.
  4. Select Point a custom domain name to your Zenfolio pages.
  5. Enter your domain name. Be sure the domain you enter begins with www.
  6. Click Test DNS Setup.

DNS Test New Edit View


If the Test comes back with the message The domain name is configured correctly, click Save and you are done.

DNS Test Good Results

‚ÄčIf it comes back with This domain is not configured correctly, then you will need to wait longer or check your settings at your domain registrar.

DNS Test Results Bad

Some common Issues to look for:
  • A record pointing to Zenfolio was not created.
  • There are multiple A records.  There should only be one A record and it should be the one pointing to
  • Cname Record is not pointing to  The custom part should NOT be edited or changed.
  • Domain is using nameservers from another service.  The domain should use the domain host's default nameservers.
If you've verified that your account has the correct DNS Settings and after 48 hours your custom domain is still not working, please send an email to Customer Support for assistance. Please include a screenshot of your DNS settings from inside your Domain Registrar account. See the illustrated guides for examples.