Selecting a Language

In efforts to support photographers and their clients globally, Zenfolio allows you to determine the language of the pages you will view in the Dashboard of your account and the language that your visitors will see in your Website View.

Setting the Language for the Dashboard

You can change the language you see in the the Dashboard of your account at any time by logging in, scrolling to the footer of the page and clicking on Language. Here you will be able to change the Zenfolio provided text - but this will not affect text that you provide, such as photo captions and custom page text. 

Setting the Language for the Website View

You can set the language that your visitors will see on your entire website and in the Shopping Cart. This setting will be applied to All of your Zenfolio visitor pages but it not effect your Dashboard language and does not affect text that you provide, such as photo captions, About and Welcome messages or custom page text.

In the Dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over My Zenfolio then click on Customize Website.

Dashboard to Customize Visitor View

The page will refresh with a new customization menu at the top, confirming that you are in the Customize Website View.

From the Customize Website View page you can make changes to your Zenfolio pages that will affect the appearance of your site as your visitors will see them.

  1. Click on Site Settings. The Site Settings window will appear.
  2. Go to the Language tab.
  3. Select the desired Website Language using the drop down menu.
  4. Click Apply to close the Site Settings window.
  5. Click Publish before exiting Customize Website View to make those changes live on your site.
Changing Your Language in Customize Visitor View