Settings - Your Account Information

The Settings area of your account contains most of the administrative functions, where you will be able to review and determine many of your account settings such as general Account information, Billing information, Website settings as well as your Selling preferences.

The Account Settings can be found by clicking on Settings from the Dashboard.
Account Settings

If you signed up after May 10, 2018 or you are using the new Photos Page, the Account Settings can be found by hovering your mouse pointer over your username in the top right corner then clicking on Account.
Account Settings New Photos Page



Here you can review and set almost all of your general account settings, such as your login information, username, contact information, email notification preferences, Photographer Profile, and upload settings.



You can find all of your financial information and settings for you account here. This includes:
  • Payment Information - where you view and update your credit card information
  • Account Statement - where you can see the balance and recent transactions 
  • My Subscription where you can find the details for your account, such as renewal date and subscription cost 
  • Payout Profile, where you can determine how to receive payments when you have a positive balance.​


Here you can make some advanced changes to your site's settings. These include Custom Domain and/or your Home Page settings, Visitor Tracking, Search Engine Tools where you can set up and review SEO properties, Cookie Warning Settings for your European visitors, and your Website View Settings to determine some general page display settings and visitors' options.



In this section you will be able to set many of your selling settings and client ordering preferences such as :