How to Hide or Remove the Banner from the Blog

In the blog included with the site, the option to Show or Hide the Banner is provided.

This option is found in the Options panel of the Blog Posts in Customize Website View.
  1. In Edit View, hover the mouse pointer over Website then click on Blog.
  2. Click on Preview and Configure Blog. This will open the blog in Customize Website View.
  3. Click on Summary then choose Blog Post from the menu that appears. Customize Website View will switch to the Blog Post view.
  4. Go to Options.
  5. Go to the Page Elements tab.
  6. Mark the circle for Show or Hide next to Top banner to choose the desired setting. If you do not see this option, then follow step number 3 above.
  7. Click Apply to close the Options panel.
  8. Publish your changes before exiting Customize Website View to make those changes live on your site.
Hide Banner from Blog

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