Downgrading to a Lower Plan

Can I switch to a lower plan?

Zenfolio subscriptions automatically renew at the end of their subscription period. Before the account renews, you can choose to switch to a lower plan so that the account renews at the lower plan level on the account's renewal date.

When switching plans, keep in mind that it will only be possible to switch to a plan that is currently being offered.

Click here to see a list of the currently available plans and their differences.

How do I switch to a lower plan?

To switch to the lower plan level, contact Zenfolio Support before your renewal date. Let us know which of the plans listed on the plans page it is that you would like to switch to when the account renews.

What plan do I have now and how much does it cost?

If you're not sure which plan you currently have now, you can see which plan you have now by logging into your account then going to Settings. Your current subscription plan's name will be displayed in the Account Information page.

I have a plan that is not on the list of current plans

See this guide for more details on the legacy plans that are no longer available to new users and those switching to a different plan.