Customizing the Contact Page

All Zenfolio accounts include a built-in Contact Page. This page can be used by site visitors to send messages to the photographer.  Also the photographer can choose to display their contact information (such as their phone number) in their Contact page to allow site visitors to contact them outside of their Zenfolio website.

Like other pages in the site, the Contact page can be customized by applying different Layouts, Themes and Options to the page via Customize Website View.


Customizing the Page through Customize Website View

To customize the Contact Page through Customize Website View, log in to the account to go to Dashboard.
  1. From the Dashboard, hover the mouse pointer over Website then then click on Built-In Pages.
  2. Look for Contact then click on Customize to the right of Contact.
Customize Contact Page

Customizing Options found in Customize Website View

When viewing the Contact page in Customize Website View, these customization options are displayed.

Contact Page Customization Options
  • Layouts control the placement of elements on the page.  And along with Options, it also dictates which elements can be displayed on the page. If you would like to display your contact information and/or the fields that allow visitors to send you a message, choose the desired Layout via the Layout panel.
  • Themes control the colors and fonts displayed on the page. You can apply any of the provided built-in Themes to quickly change the colors and fonts applied to the page. You can also choose to create a custom theme in order to choose the specific colors, fonts and fonts styles applied to the page.
  • Options allows you to fine tune the page by allowing you to choose and hide specific elements.  It also allows you to add your own custom questions to your contact page.
  • Edit Contact Info can be clicked to go directly to the account's Contact Information page where the photographer's contact info displayed on this page can be submitted.
After applying the desired Layout, Themes and Options, click Publish to Publish the changes to the live site.


Choosing the Desired Contact Fields and creating Custom Fields

In Options, you can choose the fields displayed in the Contact Page that your site visitors would fill out when they send you a message. You can also choose to make any of those fields Optional or Required fields.
The option is also provided to add your own custom fields that your site visitors can fill out when they send you a message through your Contact page.  You can also choose to make those fields Required fields or Optional fields.
  1. While viewing the Contact page in Customize Website View, click on Options.
  2. Go to the Contact Fields tab.
  3. Set the desired options for the built in fields.
  4. Create Custom Fields by setting an Additional Question to Required or Optional. Enter the desired custom question into the Additional Question Text field.
  5. Click Apply to close the Options panel.
Contact Page Contact Fields

After applying the desired settings, click Publish to Publish the changes to the live site.

If the Contact Fields tab is not displayed, then the Contact Info layout is applied to the page which does not support the display of the Contact fields.  To display the contact fields, switch to either Contact Form or Contact Info with Contact form layouts. See the section above for how to find the Layout section.

Please note: some fields in the contact page are automatically filled with the site visitor's information if they are logged in to the account. If you visit your own Contact page while logged in to your Zenfolio account, your contact info will be automatically added to those fields. This is only displayed to you when you're logged in, your contact info will not appear in those fields when your site visitors go to your Contact Page.

Messages from Clients are sent via Email

When a message is sent to the photographer using the Custom Page, the message and all of the details gathered from the fields in the contact page are sent to the photographer via email.  It is sent to the main email address listed on file with the photographer's account.

If you do not see these emails in your email inbox, please check your Spam, Junk or Deleted items folder in case the email client has filtered the emails into those folders.


Creating a fully Custom Contact Page using a Custom Page

If additional Contact page options are desired but the built in Contact Page does not include enough Layout and Page Options, the photographer can choose to create a fully custom Contact page by using the Custom Page feature.

Custom Pages are blank slates and they allow the photographer to fully customize the page - even down to the HTML level.

The option is also provided to embed HTML code from other services into the page.  This allows the photographer to display even more customized fields using online form services such as or
  • See this guide for how to create a Custom Page.
  • This guide goes over how to embed HTML code into a Custom Page.

Once the custom Contact Page is created, it can be used to replace the built-in Contact page by editing the Site Menu and displaying a link to the new custom Contact Page instead of linking to the built-in Contact page.

See this link for how to edit the Site Menu.