FAQs for the New Shopping Experience

What is this New Shopping Experience?

The New Shopping Experience makes selling, browsing, and buying easier with a more intuitive shopping experience for your clients. 

The goal is to create an amazing shopping experience that is:
  • Intuitive and user-friendly so your clients can more easily find what you are selling and complete their purchase faster
  • Informative so your clients feel confident about the purchases they make 
  • Inspirational so your clients can easily explore and quickly visualize various product offerings to entice buying

How do clients purchase products using the New Shopping Experience?

We have a detailed guide showing how products are purchased through. Click here to see the guide.


What is Quick Shop?

To simplify and accelerate the shopping and buying process, and limit the number of clicks required to purchase simple products, the New Shopping Experience includes the a Quick Shop, or one-click add-to-cart, feature.

With Quick Shop, your clients will be able to add single image products and digital downloads to their shopping cart with fewer clicks.
English Quick Shop
Other products that require customization by the client, or that require multiple images, can also appear in the Quick Shop if those products have been added to the Price List's Quick Shop Products list.

These are products such as Photo Books, Greeting Cards, Memory Mates and other templated products.

For these products, additional configuration will be necessary before the product can be added to the cart. For example, the 5X7 Collage will require at least two images to be printed on the product. When the client clicks the  icon next to the product in the Quick Shop, the system will display a product configuration page where the client can choose the collage's layout and the other images they would like printed on the collage.

Choosing the Products to Display in the Quick Shop

Products and Packages that have been added to the Quick Shop Products List are pulled for display in the Quick Shop. 

Click here for how to edit the products in the Price List's Quick Shop Products list.

How Clients Find The Quick Shop

The Quick Shop replaces the Photo Page. When an image is clicked on in the gallery's Thumbnails Page, the Quick Shop page will pop up and immediately display your Quick Shop products to be purchased.

Besides your Quick Shop Products, your client will have the option to explore all of your product offerings by clicking on “See all products >>” in Quick Shop. This opens your refined Shop Home Page. Your Shop Home Page displays your categories icons with client-friendly naming-conventions (or as a flat list). Furthermore, if you offer packages, these will be prominently displayed above your product category icons. 


Quick Shop Options

Elements of the Quick Shop can be customized through the Quick Shop's Options panel. The Options panel is access through Customize Website View. Click here for how to access the Customize Website View of the Quick Shop page.
  1. Go to the Customize Website View of the gallery then click on Gallery Thumbnails in the top left corner to see the view menu. Click on Gallery Quick Shop in the menu to switch to that view.
  2. Click on Options to open the Options panel.
    Uncheck Use Default Settings For Layout, Theme, and Options to make changes to the Options.
Quick Shop Options


Enabling/Disabling Downloading through the Quick Shop

By default, the Download button is hidden in the Quick Shop. The option is provided to change this and allow the Download button to show. The option to show the Download button and allow the downloading of display images can be found in the Options panel.  Click here for how to access the Quick Shop Options panel.

Quick Shop Options Hide Downloading

After making the customization changes to the Quick Shop page, you can save the changes as the default setting for all other Quick Shop pages. When this is done, the settings will automatically apply to all other galleries' Quick Shop pages that use default settings. It will also be automatically applied to all new galleries. Click here to see how to save the settings as the default settings.

Click here for more information on editing Quick Shop options.



Shopping Setup

By default, selling is enabled in both pages for your clients when they visit your selling galleries. The option is provided to allow shopping from both pages or allow shopping from just one of those pages.

Shop Page Only Shopping

When just the Shop page is enabled, the Quick Shop Products are not displayed in the Quick Shop page. Instead a Buy button will appear in the top right corner of the Quick Shop. When clicked, the visitor will be directed to the Shop where they can select the products that they would like to purchase.

Quick Shop Only Shopping

When just the Quick Shop page is enabled, the Shop page is not shown. Instead, all shopping must be done through the Quick Shop page.

This means that the only products that can be purchased are products displayed in the Quick Shop page. Those products are based on the products that have been added to the Price List's Quick Shop Products List.

With this option, make sure that all of the products that you would like to offer for sale have been added to the Price List's Quick Shop Products List.

These options are found in the Options panel of the gallery in Customize Website View. Click here for more details.


New Product Subcategories

Your clients can preview all items within a category and various designs for single-image and multi-image template based products (like greeting cards) in a sleek grid layout. Then, they can filter and quickly find products of interest to make faster purchase decisions so you sell more and they save time.


How does the New Shopping Experience affect the way clients order through the mobile version of my website?

The changes made through the New Shopping Experience apply exclusively to the desktop and tablet versions of your website. The mobile site has already been recently updated to optimize the shopping experience for your clients placing orders using their smartphone. Because of this, the way that clients place orders for products through your mobile site will not change as part of the rollout of the New Shopping Experience.


Is this the final version of the New Shopping Experience? Are there more changes planned in the future?

We will keep working to improve the shopping experience based on e-commerce best practices and your valuable feedback. If you have specific ideas for how the shopping experience can be improved for you, please let us know by sending us some feedback.


How do I provide feedback? 

We welcome your feedback specifically regarding the New Shopping Experience. Please contact support or email us at shoppingbeta@zenfolio.com.

What kind of feedback is useful? 

We welcome all your feedback. At a high level, there are two kinds of feedback that will be useful for us:
  • Issues or bugs or if anything is broken that impacts your business
  • Feedback on what we can do to improve the new features you see