Customizing the Mobile Site

Mobile Site
When a Zenfolio photographer's website is viewed with an Android or iOS (iPhone) mobile device, the mobile version of the site is displayed.

The mobile site is optimized for display and ease of navigation on small touchscreen devices.

This is enabled by default but the photographer can choose to disable this if desired. This setting can be toggled in the Site Settings panel in Customize Website View.


Mobile Layout

The overall layout of the mobile site is not user-configurable. It is designed to meet Google's strict standards for a site's mobile friendliness. 

This means that it is not possible to adjust the placement of different elements in the mobile site. It is also not possible to apply different layouts to the gallery pages to change the way photos are displayed.


Desktop Elements

The mobile site takes some design cues from the customization settings applied to the desktop version of the site.
  • Site Menu - the same menu items added to the desktop site will be displayed in the site menu in the mobile site. On the mobile site, the site menu is represented by the hamburger icon Mobile Site Site Menu Hamburger‚Äč in the top left corner of the page. 
  • Group and Gallery structure - the same Group and Gallery hierarchy that is applied to the desktop site is applied to the mobile site.
  • Gallery Security - If a gallery is locked with a password, the password will also be required to view the gallery in the mobile site.  Private galleries will still be inaccessible to the public in the mobile site, just as with the desktop site.
  • Visitor Sign in - if the Visitor Sign in is enabled for the gallery, the visitor sign in will also be requested when the gallery is visited in the mobile site.
  • Selling - If selling from the desktop version if the gallery is enabled, then purchases can also be made through the mobile site.  Please note that some products are not available for purchase through the mobile site.


Colors and Fonts

The colors and fonts used on the mobile site are controlled by the theme applied to the desktop version of the site. 

To change the colors used in the mobile site, apply a different theme to the desktop site. The colors and fonts in the new theme will also be reflected in the mobile site.

Click here to see how to apply different themes to the desktop version of the site.

The colors and fonts used in the mobile site can be further customized by creating a custom theme. Custom themes allow you to choose your own colors and fonts for almost all elements displayed in the site.  By creating a custom theme (or editing an existing custom theme) and applying it to the desktop version of the site, you can manually choose the colors and fonts in the mobile site.

Click here to see how to edit a custom theme.

Please note that while different fonts can be applied, the sizes of the fonts in the mobile site are predetermined and cannot be directly customized by the photographer.


Changing the Mobile Logo

The ability to use your own logo is available only to Pro and Advanced subscribers.

The logo displayed in the mobile site will be of the logo uploaded to the account's Mobile Logo. This allows the photographer to display a different sized logo or logo design for their visitors using a mobile device.

For the mobile logo, you can upload a JPEG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF file. We recommend using a PNG file with transparency up to 640 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height.

The mobile logo is uploaded through Site Settings panel in Customize Website View. See this link for how to access Customize Website View.

  1. Once in Customize Website View, click on Site Settings on the left.
  2. Go to the Logos and Icons tab.
  3. Click to select Upload logo image.
  4. Click Browse to select the desired file from your computer.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click Apply to apply your changes.

Mobile Logo
When you are done customizing click PUBLISH and confirm you would like your changes to be live.

For our recommendations and tips on creating and preparing a great looking logo for your site, please click here.