How to Search for My Galleries in My Account

This guide is for photographers that want information on how to find galleries and photos in their own account.


Recent Gallery

If the gallery you're looking contains the most recently uploaded image, the gallery can be found in the Dashboard.

In the Dashboard, look for the Photos (in orange) then click on Most Recent in that section to go to the most recent gallery.
Most Recent In Dashboard


Search using the Built in Search Page

As long as the gallery or photo are searchable, the photo and gallery can be found using the built in search page that is included with all Zenfolio accounts.

The search page can be found by going to the page in the Dashboard with the list of Built in Pages.
On that page, click on Preview next to the Search page to go to the built in Search Page.
Built in Pages Search Preview

Once viewing the Search page, enter the desired search term in the search field.
Example search in search page
Click on the photo or gallery in the search results to go to that page in your website.

Once viewing the gallery, hover the mouse pointer over My Zenfolio in the top right corner then click on Edit this Gallery or Edit this Photo.

If the gallery's Access Control settings do not allow it to be displayed in search results, use the method below to look for the gallery.


Search the Dashboard using Browser Search

Galleries can be found in the Dashboard by using the browser's built in search function.

To use that search, go to the Photos page of the Dashboard.

Then hold down the Control key on your keyboard (Command key on a Mac) then click the F key. That will bring up the browser search. 

In the browser search field, enter a word that is contained in the gallery's title in the browser search field and it will display all items on the page that contain that word.
Search for text in a webpage using the browser search