Adding your Blog to the Site Menu

To ensure that your Blog is accessible to your Site Visitors, add a link to your Blog to your Site Menu.

In the Dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over Website then click on Customize Website.

Website to Customize Website View
The page will refresh with a new customization menu at the top, confirming that you are in the Customize Website View.

Adding Blog as a Menu Item

  1. In Customize Website View, next to Edit Site Menu, click on + New.
  2. A text field will appear. Enter the desired title for the new menu item (e.g. Blog) into the text field.  Click Enter or Return on your keyboard.
  3. Under Link Menu Item to, mark the circle for Built-in or Custom Page.
  4. Click on Select built in page... then select Blog from the menu that appears.
  5. If desired, you can choose to check the box for Open in a new window to have the new webpage open in a new browser tab.
  6. Check or uncheck the boxes for the areas of your site in which you would like the new item to be Displayed in.
  7. Click UPDATE.
  8. Publish your changes before exiting Customize Website View to make those changes live on your site.
Add Blog to Site Menu

Your Menu Item will be loaded in the Site Menu window. You may choose to drag the Menu Item into a new order before applying your changes.