Importing your Blog Posts from an External Site

If you already have a Blog, you have the option of importing all your old blog posts into your Zenfolio blog, provided the posts are available as part of an RSS feed from your original blog.

An important note when importing blog posts from Wordpress - Wordpress's default setting for their RSS feeds dictates that only 10 posts are displayed in the RSS feed.  If this is not changed, only those 10 posts will be imported into the Zenfolio blog. Please see this link for how to increase the maximum number of posts displayed.

  1. In the Dashboard, hover the mouse pointer over Website then click on Blog.
  2. Click on Import. The Import window will load.
  3. Copy your RSS feed link and paste it into the field provided.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. For the imported posts choose to Save as Draft or Publish Immediately. You may want to make all posts drafts first, until you can edit them and verify the imported post is correctly formatted.
  6. Check Import Images to Zenfolio. These images will be copied into a new gallery on Zenfolio and referenced by your posts.
  7. Click Import. The import process may take some time depending on the number of posts and images to transfer. Once complete a notice will appear detailing the number of successful posts imported.

Import Blog Posts

Note: It may take some time for all your posts to appear and images to be imported into Zenfolio.

Only posts that are in the RSS feed are available to import into the Zenfolio blog.  Please check with your blog service provided for more details on how to include all blog posts in your RSS feed.