Account Login and Logout

During the sign up process, the photographer was required to create a User Name and a Password. You will need these to login to your Zenfolio account.


How to Log in to the Account

You can login and logout from the main page:

  1. Click Login located on the right side of the main Zenfolio page. The username / password boxes will appear above.
  2. Enter your User Name or email address.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click Login when you are finished. The Dashboard of your Zenfolio page will load.

How to Login

If you don't remember your password, click Forgot your password? to reset your password.

If you are already logged in and you're viewing your Zenfolio website, you may switch to the Dashboard by moving your mouse over My Zenfolio at the top-right corner and click Dashboard.

Dashboard from Website View



I Can't Log In- Issues with Logging In

If you experience any issues with logging, follow the steps below to determine the cause of the issue.
  • Make sure to enter the correct User Name.
    • The User Name is something that the photographer creates when they first set up the account. 
    • If you don't remember your User Name, you can login using the email address listed with your account instead.
  • Make sure to enter the correct password.
    • The system will only allow access when the correct password is entered.
    • The password must exactly match the password that was created by the photographer.
  • When entering the password, we always recommend keeping these in mind:
    • making sure the caps lock key is OFF
    • typing the password directly as opposed to using a copy/paste function
    • passwords are case sensitive, so the correct case must be used for each letter in the password
    • verifying that a mobile keyboard is not auto-filling a wrong password
    • making sure there is not a blank space either before or after the password
    • mistaking a zero (0) for an O, or one (1) for an L, or uppercase l.
  • If you're still not able to login with the password that is being entered, reset your password by clicking on Forgot your Password.
  • In some cases, there may be a browser issues caused by an Addon, a Cache issue or an issue with the Cookie used to log in. In this case, you can login by using a different recommended browser.
    Please note that Cookies must be enabled in order for login to work.



How to Log out of the Account

To Logout simply click Logout after hovering over My Zenfolio at the top right of any Zenfolio page in the Dashboard or Website View.


More info at:  Dashboard and Website View basics.