Creating your First Gallery and Uploading Photos

What are Galleries?

Galleries are where your uploaded photographs are stored. Every gallery has a corresponding webpage where visitors can view thumbnails and photographs. This is how your images are displayed on your site.

When you upload photographs you must always upload them into a new or existing gallery.


How To Create a New Gallery

  1. Make sure that you are in the Photos page using the menu across the top.
  2. Click on New under the Organizer column. A menu will appear.
  3. In the menu, click on Gallery. A blank field will appear underneath.
  4. In the blank field, enter the desired title of the new gallery. Click Return or Enter on your keyboard to save the title.
Create New Gallery


Uploading Photos to the New Gallery

The newly created gallery will be already selected.
  1. If it is not selected, click on the title of the gallery under the Organizer to select it.
  2. Click Upload.
Start Gallery Upload

Drag and Drop Files Directly into the Uploading Tool

  • To upload images, drag and drop and files into the uploading tool.
  • Click Start Upload once you're ready.

Batch Uploader Upload

Depending on your internet connection speeds, then number of images being uploaded and the file size of each image, the upload may take a while. Please be patient. The Estimated Upload Time will countdown as the images are uploaded.  



Now you've created your first gallery and uploaded your first photos. You can see how images look in the gallery's web page by clicking on Preview to view the gallery's webpage. This is what your clients will see when they view this gallery.
Preview Gallery


Additional Resources

If you have any questions about file formats and recommended image sizes refer to Uploading guidelines.
Click here for more details on organizing your images using Groups and Galleries.

Click here to login to your account and go to your Dashboard.