Dashboard and Website Basics

There are two views for working with your Zenfolio website: the Dashboard and the Website View. There is also a Customize Website View



The Dashboard is where you upload, organize, and edit photographs and galleries as well as modify your Zenfolio account settings. This view is optimized for functionality and quick access to frequently performed tasks. In the Dashboard, you will find menu items to access all your administrative tasks at the top of this page.

The default access to Dashboard is by logging in through Zenfolio.com.

Within the Dashboard are color coded Tiles for managing various sections of your site- these represent the most commonly used tasks in the Dashboard.  They can be used as shortcuts to those tasks.

You must login to the Zenfolio site to access the Dashboard.

Please see this video for a walkthrough on the Dashboard.


Dashboard - Photos Page

In this section of the Dashboard, you will be able to access all of your Photos, Groups, Galleries and Collections.
The Photos section is divided into three areas; the Organizer, the Main Area and the Toolbox.

Edit View - Overview
Main area

The Main area offers you an overall view of your Zenfolio pages. This is where you upload photos, apply sorting order, and send invitations. Thumbnails of galleries, groups, and individual photos load in the Main Area. You can edit and organize them in this area using the Organizer and the Toolbox sections.


The Organizer is located on the left side of your Dashboard Photos page.

The Organizer holds all galleries, collections and groups in the order they are presented to your visitors. You can expand a group to see its content by either clicking the plus [+] sign next to its name or by clicking the group's name to select it.

You can also delete, rename, and move items in the Organizer as well as create new groups, galleries, and collections.


The Toolbox is located on the right side of your Dashboard Photos Page.

The Toolbox shows detailed information about items selected in the Main Area. Information is broken up into tabs, with each tab having multiple sections. The contents of the Toolbox will change based on the item selected in the Organizer or the Main area. For example, if a gallery is selected, Gallery Details will be displayed, allowing you to edit that specific gallery's Title and Caption.

Website View

The Website View displays what visitors will see when they come to your website. This view is optimized for the best presentation of your photographs. There are multiple types of Website pages. This view features clean, professionally designed layouts and themes for your visitor to see.

Visitor View

To customize this page from Website View, move your mouse pointer over the Edit link to view the drop down menu at the top of any page. Then choose LayoutPage Options or Site Settings to go to those areas in Customize Website View.
Edit Website

Note: you must be logged to your Zenfolio account to see the Edit menu and to Customize your site.

Click here to learn more about using Customize Website View to customize your site.