Client Access Page

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Client Access Page

The Client Access Page is a built-in page on your site that your clients can use to access a specific gallery or group using that gallery or group's Gallery ID.

See this link for a demo of a Client Access page.

The Gallery IDs are unique to each gallery or group and will take your clients directly to that specific gallery or group.  Click here for how to designate a Gallery ID for a gallery or group.

  A link to the Client Access page can be added to your Site Menu to allow your guests to access the Client Access page from your home page.  Click here for how to add items to your Site Menu.

You can edit your text and photo displayed in the Client Access Page at any time using the steps below.

To edit the Content Displayed in your Client Access page

  1. In Dashboard, click on Website.
  2. Look for Client Access then click Customize to the right of Client Access.  This will open the Client Access page in Customize Website View.
  3. Click on Edit Client Access Message and Photo
  4. Enter the desired message in the Client Access Message field provided.
  5. Under Photo, mark the circle for Upload image file. Click the Choose File select and upload the file from your computer. Click Upload to begin uploading the file.
  6. Click Apply to apply your changes.
  7. While still in Customize Website View, choose the desired customization settings for the Client Access Page.
  8. Click Publish to make these changes live on your site.

Client Access page