Cancelling or Deleting your Zenfolio Account

We would hate to say goodbye, but if you do need to cancel your subscription, please click the button below.
A new browser window will open and our friendly assistant will ask a couple of questions to get started with your request.

Please note that refunds are available within 30 days of signing up for or renewing an annual subscription plan.
No refunds (partial or otherwise) are issued after 30 days into a new subscription or 30 days after the renewal date.
No refunds are provided when canceling monthly plans.
We do have some great reasons to stay with Zenfolio though!

Creating A Beautiful Website

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Boosting Your Photography Sales

Know how to sell, but want to learn how to take your sales to the next level?
We have some great articles on maximizing your sales with our selling features, such as Pre-Order. Click here to learn more.

Sharing and Marketing Your Work

We also offer great marketing tools like our Client campaigns where we take care of the marketing on your behalf so you can focus on shooting photos.