Referral Program

It Pays to Have Friends! Share Zenfolio and Earn Unlimited Referral Credits.

Pass along a 10% savings off any new Zenfolio subscription by sharing your unique referral code or link with all of your friends. Earn 10% of their subscription plan price as referral credit. Your referral credit will be automatically added to your account. 

Watch your credits grow with every referral. The more photographers you refer to Zenfolio, the more credits you receive. There’s no limit to how much credit you can earn! 

Here’s how it works:

  • You share your unique referral code and/or link via email, social media, and/or word-of-mouth.
  • Your friend uses your unique referral code/link to receive a discount off the Zenfolio plan that’s best for them (applies to new subscriptions only). 
  • Your friend just saved 10% off of their new Zenfolio subscription. 
  • You just earned a credit equivalent to 10% of their subscription cost.


Here’s a hypothetical example (with simplified numbers for easy calculations):

You share your unique referral code or referral link with your good friend, Bob. Bob falls in love with Zenfolio after your awesome recommendation, and signs up for a new Zenfolio plan that is worth $100 (hypothetical plan).

Bob uses your referral code at checkout and saves 10%, paying only $90 for the hypothetical plan. That 10% is given to you as a credit to your account.  Since $10 is 10% of $100, the credit that you will receive for Bob's new subscription is $10.

With this kind of deal, you may want to spread the word and refer more friends. If, let's say, you refer nine more friends and they open each new $100 (hypothetical) plans; that would mean that by the time all of ten of your photographer friends sign up, you’ve now earned $100 in credits! 

How you ask? Here is a breakdown of how those $100 credits would have been earned:

  • 10% of $100 = $10 in credit
  • Multiply that credit by 10 based on the friends that used your referral code
  • So, $10 x 10 = $100 in credit

Your earned referral credits can be redeemed for plan renewals or for plan upgrades, to order prints or photo products, and/or purchase other awesome Zenfolio services.

Please note: Referral credits are not redeemable for a cash payout, but (1) there is no cap to how many times your referral code/link can be used by your friends to signup for a new paid account, and (2) there is no limit to how much in referral credits you can earn over the course of your time as a valued Zenfolio user. 

The credit received is applied in the currency of the account type that your friend choose when they started their Zenfolio subscription.


Chance for Additional Savings for your Friends

There is an additional incentive for your friends to sign up using your unique referral code/link. Your friends can save more by stacking, or applying both, your unique referral code with another Zenfolio promotional discount code for new sign ups (e.g. 20% off a Pro Plan for National Photography Day using code supercode20 (hypothetical example) at checkout).

For example, if the other promotional discount code is for 20% off, it can be stacked with your unique referral code at checkout. Your friend would get 20% off the cost of their new account's first year's subscription. They would then receive an additional 10% off for using a your unique referral code.  The sale or promotional discount of 20% will be applied first. Then with the referral discount will be applied to the freshly discounted subscription fee.

The referral credit amount will be 10% of the discounted subscription fee and not based on the full price of the subscription. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find my unique referral code/link?

You can find your unique referral code and referral link in your account by signing into your account. From your Dashboard, go to Settings > Account > Referrals.  Click here to go directly to that page.

Refer Friends

Can I track how many times my referral code was used and how much in credit I’ve earned?

Yes! You can find the total number of referrals (how many times your referral code was used) and the total amount of credit earned on the same page as your unique referral code and link.

And you can see your current account balance including referrals at any time under the Account Statement. Click here to go directly to your Account Statement.

How can my friend take advantage of a discount promotion plus the discount from my referral code?

  • In the trial account, click on any links for 'Become a Member'. Then choose an annual plan.
  • Enter a promotion code in the GIFT OR PROMOTION CODE field and click Apply.
  • Another field will appear where you may enter a referral code and click Apply.
  • If the codes are valid you will see both listed and the discounts will be applied to your subscription.
Enter Referral Code and Promo Code
Please note: supercode20 is only an example code. It cannot be used to receive a discount on a new subscription. Please follow the Zenfolio blog and social media pages for the latest on new promotions.

In case it is needed, click here more details on how a trial user can become a Zenfolio member.

Can I get cash for my referral credits?

Referral credits cannot be redeemed for cash.

However, they can be used to pay towards renewal fees, product orders, and Zenfolio fees and services.

How do I get started?

You can start by signing into your account. From your Dashboard, go to Settings > Account > Referrals. Click here to go directly to that page.

The easiest way to share your code is to use the email share button to start an email. Into the email, copy and paste all of your friend’s email addresses into the 'To' field. When ready, click Send! The work is already done for you.

You can also share your code via social media, through your personal email account, or or by displaying a hyperlink to your direct referral links in your Zenfolio website (if you think your friends would find it there). 

Can referral codes be used to receive a discount on renewals?

The photographer renewing their friend to Zenfolio will receive a credit when their friend signs up for a Zenfolio subscription plan.  That credit can be used by the photographer to pay towards their renewals.

The referral codes themselves can only be used to receive a discount on the first year's subscription of a new account.  It cannot be applied to a current subscriber's renewal.