Organizing/Managing Photos & Video

​Groups, Galleries, and Collection

Groups, Galleries, and Collections are used for organizing your photographs. You should become familiar with the differences to use them effectively.


Galleries hold your actual photographs. When you upload photographs you always upload them into a new or existing gallery.

A gallery can have a description and access to it can be protected. Every gallery has a corresponding visitor page where visitors can view thumbnails and photographs.

See this guide for more details on Galleries.


Groups are similar to folders on your computer: they can hold galleries and other groups. Because of this, they can be used to organize your galleries into groups of galleries.  For example, you can create a 'Clients' group and have it contain all of your client galleries.

You can create any number of groups and organize them into a hierarchy that suits your needs. Groups can be moved in and out of other groups at any time preserving the links and the content.

See this guide for an example of how you can use Groups to organize your galleries and images.


Collections hold links to uploaded photographs. They can include links to photos uploaded by you or by other Zenfolio members.

You can reference the same photo in several Collections without having to upload the photo many times. Collections are also great for saving photos together from several Zenfolio users taken at the same event or location. They are also great for collecting in one place your favorite photos on a specific subject.

See this guide for an example of how Collections can be used.


Note: Creating an Event is available for Advanced plan subscribers only.

Events are specialized groups, made specifically for school and sports photographers. They are used in situations where the main event page is referenced to customers as a landing page for multiple galleries. From an Event/landing page customers may search photos and video from the event using keywords (or a passcode for Restricted Events). Photo must have keywords added for this to work. Events can also be set for restricted access where customers can view a specific set of photos by using a special passcode. A Unique ID must be referenced to a photo keyword for this to work.

See this guide for more details on Events.

When working with Groups, Galleries, Collections and Events you will be working largely in the Dashboard. When reviewing changes or customizing Groups, Galleries, and Collections you will be working largely in Website View.

Click here for more information about the basics of the Dashboard and Website View.

You can also see a demo on how to organize galleries and photos in this tutorial video.



The Dashboard is where you upload, organize, and edit photographs and galleries as well as modify your Zenfolio account settings. This view is optimized for functionality and quick access to frequently performed tasks.

Please see this video for a walkthrough on the Dashboard.

Website View

The Website View represents how pages look to your visitors. This view is optimized for the best presentation of your photographs. This view features clean, professionally designed layouts and themes for your website pages.

To customize your site from Website View, move your mouse pointer over the Edit link to view the drop down menu at the top of any page. Then choose LayoutPage Options or Site Settings to go to those areas in Customize Website View.
Edit Website

Note: you must be logged to your Zenfolio account to see the Edit menu and to Customize your site.

Customize Website View can also be accessed from the Dashboard.

In the Dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over Website then click on Customize Website.

Website to Customize Website View

The page will refresh with a new customization menu at the top, confirming that you are in the Customize Website View.

To access the Customize Website View of other built in pages such as the About page, Contact page, Client Access page, etc., see this guide.