Collections overview

Collections Icon in Edit View

Collections are used to display a collection of images that are stored in various galleries of your Zenfolio site.

Instead of creating a new gallery to display the selected photos, you can create a collection that references the images from other galleries.

Collections hold links to uploaded photographs. These are links to your photos that have been uploaded to, and are stored in Galleries.

Since there are only references to photographs, the actual photos cannot be edited inside the collection.  To make changes to the photo, you'll need to navigate to the photo in its containing gallery then make the change to the photo.

An example of the use of Collections would be to create a Collection of the best Black and White photos from all of your photos stored in your Galleries.  Instead of copying or re-uploading the photos to a new Gallery, you can create a Collection and store links to those photos in the Collection.

You can then display all of the selected Black and White photos on one page in the Collection's Website View page.

Collections Overview

You will need to open the photo in its parent Gallery to make changes such as editing Access Control settings or assigning a new Price List.

Like galleries and groups, each Collection will have its own accessible Website View that is used to display the images in the Collection.  Also like galleries and groups, the Collection's Website View can be customized using a combination of Themes, Layouts and Options.

You may decide to protect your photographs from being added to collections by other users.

When you add a photo to a Collection, it can be added to a new or existing collection. Every collection can have a description including title, caption, category, and keywords.

By default, the first image in the collection will be used as the collection's cover thumbnail. However, the option is provided to assign a different image as the cover thumbnail.

Collections can be moved from one group to another for easy organization. A collection can be added to a the Featured section to make it easier to find for visitors. 

You can control access to a collection by making it Private, assigning it a Password, or only opening it to a limited group of users. Please note that the images in the collection will retain their original Access Control settings as set in the images' contain gallery.  So for example, if the image is locked with a password, the password will still be required to view the images even when viewed in a publicly accessible (not password locked) collection.

Once a collection is ready, you can send out an email invitation to your clients inviting them to visit the collection.

Please click here for information on adding photos to a Collection.

Collections Menu

The Collections Menu gives you quick access to common tasks. It is available in the Dashboard using the menu arrow displayed over the collection's thumbnail.

To access the Collections Menu:
  1. In the Dashboard, go the Photos.
  2. Select the group that contains the collection.
  3. Click on the collection, a menu arrow will appear. Click on the menu arrow.  The Collections Menu will appear.
Collection Menu