Hiding from public view

Private groups, galleries, and collections are a great way to store or organize photos online that are for your use only. Only you, the owner, can view items designated as Private. You have to login to the Zenfolio Web site for the system to recognize you and to show your Private items.

If you simply wish to hide a group, gallery, or collection from being seen within a group such as All Photographs, but want to allow direct links to be accessible, you may choose the Hide from Visitors option.

Access settings can be "inherited" by items contained inside. For example, if you make a group/gallery/collection Private, and all the photographs inside have an access setting set to Same as a containing item, then all of these photographs will automatically become Private as well. This is a convenient way of applying the same setting to a large number of items.

A quick way to hide all the photos that have an access setting set to Same as a containing item is to make your Home Page private.

To make a group, gallery, or collection private‚Äč

  1. Go to Photos in the main menu in the Dashboard
  2. Select the desired gallery, group or collection in the Organizer
  3. Under the Toolbox column, click on Gallery/Group/Collection Access. An Access Control window will appear.
  4. Uncheck the 'Same as Containing...' if necessary.
  5. In the Access tab, mark the circle for Private - open and visible to owner only.
  6. Click Save for the new settings to take effect immediately.

How to set items to Private New Edit View

Alternatively, if the containing item is Private as well, you may check Same as containing item to have it inherit the setting. This will allow you in the future to change settings globally and have them propagate to all the items inside.

The above steps can be applied to multiple selected items as one operation. For more information on making items private, see Access Control.

Note: Private groups can contain Public galleries.  This will effectively hide the Public gallery and not display the gallery's thumbnail in your site.  However the gallery will still be accessible via direct link or via the Client Access page.