Adding a Welcome Message

The Welcome Message is an introduction that is displayed on your Homepage. You may use it to welcome your visitors  to your site and to inspire them to view your photographs.

The Welcome Message can also be used to convey various other message to your site visitors. Examples include:

  • Display a message about any sales or promotions
  • Display a notice about discount Coupons
  • Instructions for how to navigate your site or how to use your Client Access page
  • Contact Information
  • Links to other websites

See this link for more details on how to use the tools in the Welcome Message Formatting Toolbar.

When the Welcome Message is displayed on the Homepage, the contents of the Welcome Message will help search engines to catalog and index your site.  This helps greatly with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To display your Welcome Message on your homepage, you must first select a Layout that sets aside an area for the Welcome Message.

See this link for how to apply different Layouts for your Homepage.

Then to choose to display the Welcome Message in a supported layout, go to the Options panel in Customize Website View.  You will find the setting to display the Welcome Message in the Page Elements tab.

See this link for how to access the Options panel in Customize Website View.

Here are the steps for adding or editing your Welcome Message.

Log in to your account and go to Customize Website View. 

‚ÄčIn the Dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over Website then click on Customize Website.

Website to Customize Website View
The page will refresh with a new customization menu at the top, confirming that you are in the Customize Website View.

In Customize Website View...
  1. Go to Options.
  2. Go to the Welcome Message tab.
  3. Enter the desired Welcome Message into the field provided.  See this guide for more info on formatting the text.
  4. Click Apply to close the Page Options panel.
  5. Click Publish to exit Customize Website View and make the changes live on your site.

Welcome Message