Payout Profile

Before you begin selling it is important to provide payment information in your Payout Profile in the Settings > Selling section of your Zenfolio Dashboard. This information will let Zenfolio know how you would like to receive the profits from your sales.

You can request a payout of funds from your account at any time. The funds can be sent via ACH (USD direct deposit into a US based savings or checking account) or PayPal. Additionally, all accumulated funds may be automatically paid out automatically after the end of a calendar year.

Click here for instructions on how to request a payout.

The instructions below are for how to edit your Payout Profile.

  1. In the Dashboard, click Settings from the main menu. A menu will appear. Click Selling in that menu.
  2. Click Payout Profile and Tax Info in the menu on the left.
  3. Enter information on your US Income Tax Applicability.
  4. Enter your address for where we should mail any applicable tax forms.
  5. Check the box to certify that the info provided is accurate and that you have read the Certification of Tax Information.
  6. Enter your desired payout method. This will be used as the default payout method when you request to have profits from orders sent to you.
  7. Click Save when you're done.

Payout Profile