Personal information

The Personal Information page is where you can enter your personal information.

Your personal information and address are used by Zenfolio staff only and will not be shared with anyone as outlined in our Privacy Policy. Please maintain the most current information about yourself in case Zenfolio needs to contact you regarding your account. It is also recommended that you list an alternate e-mail address in case Zenfolio cannot reach you with your main email address.

This is also where you can change your User Name if desired.  The User Name can be used to log in to your account and it also forms the first part of your website's default web address e.g

Please note, if you change your user name, any links you have sent out previously will stop working.

Always click the Save button after making any changes.

Personal Information

Important Note: We highly recommend entering an Alternate Email address, as this allows us to contact you in the case your primary email has problems. Also, we can use this address to help verify your identity if you lose access to to your account and your primary email address.