After your Trial Account, Become a Member

Zenfolio offers a free 14 day trial that potential subscribers can use to evaluate Zenfolio services.

During the trial, you have access to most of the features included in the Pro subscription. See this link for a breakdown of all the plans.

After the initial 14 days, an additional 14 days is provided to allow access to the account. During this 14 day grace period, the site will remain online and editable. However, it will not be possible to upload new photos or videos during the 14 day grace period.

To keep your user name, account settings, as well as the photographs and videos uploaded, please become a member before the end of that grace period.

If you do not become a member within 28 days after the trial begins, the account and all of the photos will be permanently deleted.

You can become a member by clicking on the Upgrade Now at the top of your Dashboard.

Upgrade from Trial