Upgrading to a Higher Plan

You can upgrade to a higher plan at any time. You will receive a credit for the time left in your current plan.  The credit will be applied towards your upgrade.

You will then just pay the subscription fee difference for the new plan and starting a new one year subscription from the date of the upgrade.

You can see a list of the plans and their differences here.

A plan upgrade is defined as a change to a different plan with a higher initial cost. An example would be upgrading from an annual Starter plan to an annual Pro or Advanced plan. Another example would be switching from a monthly plan to any of the annual plans.

Switching from an annual plan to a monthly plan is considered a plan downgrade and not an upgrade, even when switching to a plan with more features. To downgrade your plan at the end of its annual or monthly term, please contact Zenfolio support.

If you signed up after May 10, 2018 or you are using the new Photos page, please click here or scroll down below to see how to upgrade your plan.

Steps for Upgrading to a Higher Plan

  1. Go to Settings using the main menu in the Dashboard.
  2. Go to Account Information using the menu on the left.
  3. Click Upgrade or Become a Pro or an Advanced member then follow the onscreen prompts.

Upgrade Plan


Upgrading to a Higher Plan using the New Photos Page

Hover the mouse pointer over your username in the top right corner.
Click on Upgrade Now and then follow the on screen prompts.
Upgrade Plan