What are Client Accounts?

Clients coming to a Photographer's site have the option to register a Client Account specifically for the photographer's website. By registering, clients can store their billing and shipping information to expedite future purchases. Client can save their shopping cart and favorites for reference later, and share their cart or their Favorites lists with friends and the photographer.

Some important things to note:


GDPR Compliance

As part of GDPR regulations, your clients are made aware of how their data is collected and stored.

Before they can create their client account, they are required to review and approve the Terms of Use which outlines all the provisions made in regards to GDPR compliance.

Click here to learn more about GDPR and how it relates to your website.


Clients can login or create an account under a photographer's site by clicking the login link next the copyright at the bottom of the page. In the new window a client will either create an account which is specific to this site or, if they have already registered, login with their email address and password.

The option is also provided to hide the Login/Logout link.

Login Logout Link Homepage


Client Login Issues

Clients login to their account using the password that they set when they created their account. If they do not enter that password, the system will not allow them to login to their account.

If they've forgotten their password, they can click on 'Forgot your Password' in the client login screen to reset their password.

Client Account Password versus Gallery Password

As the photographer, you can lock your galleries with a password. When this is done, the password that you've created is required before access to the gallery is granted. If the client enters the wrong gallery password, the system will not allow them to enter the gallery.

The password created by the photographer and the password that the client has set when they created their account are two separate passwords. The password created by the client cannot be used to unlock a gallery that has been password protected by the photographer.

If the client has entered the wrong password too many times when trying to access the gallery, they will be temporarily locked out from gallery.

Click here for more details on the gallery lock out security feature.



If a client is not already logged in to a photographer's site, they may do so at checkout. Here they will have three options.

They may register and checkout. If they register, their billing and personal information will be stored for future purchased.

They may login if they are already registered. In this case their billing and personal information will be used for purchasing the items. They will need to fill out new information for where this purchase will be shipped.

They may also use guest checkout. This will allow then to checkout without the need to register.

Login and Checkout as Guest

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