Assigning a randomly selected cover thumbnail to a gallery or collection

A Cover Thumbnail is like a book cover. It visually represents the gallery or collection providing clues to what can be found inside. As such, it is best to select the most representative and memorable photograph in the gallery or collection to be the Cover Thumbnail.

Gallery Thumbnails

By default, the first photograph in the gallery is selected as Cover Thumbnail.

There are two ways to select a different Cover Thumbnail.  You can either choose a specific photo for the cover thumbnail or display a random photo from the gallery or collection for use as the cover thumbnail.  When the random option is selected, a different image will be used as the cover thumbnail whenever the gallery or collection is visited.

See this guide for how to select a specific photo as the cover thumbnail for a group, gallery or collection.

Use randomly selected photos

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Select the gallery or collection you would like to edit in the Organizer. Information about the gallery will load under the Toolbox.
  3. Under Toolbox, check the box next to the Use random thumbnail option. The crossing arrows thumbnail will appear, indicating that a random cover thumbnail will be selected every time the gallery thumbnail is displayed.

Random Thumbnail