Editing Titles, Captions, Keywords and other Details of Galleries and Photos

You can edit the details of items in your account by providing a title, caption, keywords and alt attributes that describe each item. These details can be used to find your photos and galleries in your site's Search Page

The data in those fields also help search engines to catalog the contents of your site and improve your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you would like your site and its contents to be displayed in search results, it is important that you fill in these fields with descriptive text that accurately describes the contents of the gallery, group or photo.

‚ÄčEXIF and IPTC metadata information can also be important in providing context information about your photographs. Zenfolio will correctly read and display relevant EXIF and IPTC fields, if included in your original files.

Click these links for more details on each data field.

You also have the option to edit these metadata fields using the Bulk Metadata Update feature!

Also see this guide for more information on using original files name as photo titles.

For Zenfolio users that signed up after May 10 2018, please click here for updated instructions using the new Photos Page in the Dashboard.

Editing Details

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. In the Organizer, click to select the item containing the photograph, gallery, group or collection you would like to edit or double-click it in the Main Area. Thumbnails will load in the Main Area and the title will display at the top.
  3. In the Main Area, click to select a thumbnail of the item you would like to edit. The thumbnail will become highlighted and related information will be loaded in the Toolbox.

    If you're editing a Group, Gallery or Collection, do not click on any photos or thumbnails.  You can go directly to Group Details, Gallery Details or Collection Details under the Toolbox to edit that item's details and information.
  4. Click on Group DetailsGallery Details, or Collection Details or Photo Details section under the Toolbox (the name varies based on the item). The editable description fields will be displayed in the Toolbox.
  5. Enter the desired information into the appropriate fields. Scroll below for more details on each field.
  6. Choose the category that best describes the item.
  7. Click Save when you've finished editing the item- or click Next Photo to save and edit the next photo.

Editing Description

Note: The above steps can be applied to multiple selected items as one operation. Hold the Control key on your keyboard (Command key on a Mac) while clicking on thumbnails to highlight and select multiple thumbnails at once. You can then go to the Details panel and edit the Details. The new Details data will apply to all of the selected items.



You can change the Name/Title of a photograph, gallery, group or collection at any time, doing so will not break the original external links to the photograph, gallery, group or collection.  Titles can help describe the item to search engines and so they are recommended for SEO purposes.

The Name/Title can be edited through the 
Group DetailsGallery Details, or Collection Details or Photo Details section under the Toolbox (the name varies based on the item).

The option is also provided to automatically Title an image with its file name by simply checking a box for Copy from file name.  

The titles can also be edited directly by providing or editing the name displayed under the thumbnails in the main window.

Edit Titles



The Caption allows you to describe the item using normal words and sentences.  Captions can help describe the item to search engines and so they are recommended for SEO purposes.

You can change the caption of a photograph, gallery, group or collection at any time by editing the Group DetailsGallery Details, or Collection Details or Photo Details section under the Toolbox (the name varies based on the item).

Captions added to a group, gallery or collection can be displayed in that item's Thumbnails page.  Captions added to photos can be displayed in the image's Photo Page.


Editing Photo Copyright

Most cameras automatically embed a copyright into the image's IPTC data.  When the image is uploaded to Zenfolio, the IPTC data and the copyright is automatically read and applied to the image.  The copyright is then displayed in the image's Photo Page.

But you can still edit the Copyright of a photograph at any time.   The newly provided copyright info will then be displayed in the images' Photo Page.

Displaying incorrect Copyright next to a photo has legal consequences and you should only claim copyrights to photos taken by you. You should change the Copyright if it is not taken by you, or consider removing the photograph from your account.


Alt Attribute 

You can change the Alt Attribute of a photograph at any time.This information is used by search engines to help index your photo so this filling out this field is recommended for SEO purposes.

Also the Alt Attribute is displayed in place of the image when the image is still loading or when it cannot be displayed.

By default the Attribute is set to be the same as the photo title.



It is recommended that you add Keywords to galleries and photographs. You can add any number of keywords including keyword phrases.

Keywords are the main means of finding your photographs and galleries when using Search, and so they are recommended for SEO purposes.

You should use keywords to describe the subject matter of the photograph as well as reflect the style and mood of your photos.

We do recommend using only relevant terms in these fields and to avoid keyword stuffing.  Keyword stuffing is when many words are added to the keywords field that are not highly relevant to the subject matter of the image.  Repeating the same keywords can also be considered as Keyword Stuffing. Keyword stuffing will have a negative effect on your site's SEO and will cause search engines to not display your site in search results.

Use commas to separate keywords and keyword phrases. To create a keyword phrase, use quotation marks to surround several keywords together, for example "winter storm" or "Yellowstone National Park".


Assigning Category

It is very important to select a category for your galleries, photos and collections. Categories are the main means of finding your work using the Browse and Search page.

Categories can be assigned separately for galleries and photographs and collections.

You can assign a category to any gallery, photo or collection by editing the item's details under the Toolbox.

Zenfolio will continue to add new categories to the list. If you have a good suggestion, please send it to us by using the Contact Us form.