Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is where you upload, organize, and edit photographs and galleries as well as modify your Zenfolio account settings. This view is optimized for functionality and quick access to frequently performed tasks. Dashboard is the where you would go to administrate your account.

You can go directly to the Dashboard here.


When logging in to the account, you'll be greeted by the Dashboard.  The Dashboard contains a Notifications area and shortcuts to commonly used tasks.

Dashboard - Overview

Dashboard Menu

Dashboard Menu

The Dashboard Menu is the main form of navigation in the Dashboard.  For example, click on Photos to view all user uploaded and created content in the account. The drop down arrows next to the Menu items can be used as shortcuts to specific pages under the Dashboard Menu item.


Notifications Area

Notifications in Edit View
Notifications can be seen by clicking on the envelope icon. The Notifications window displays the latest news about new features and updates that are important to the photographer.

We recommend checking the notifications if you see a number badge on it as it means there is new information. 


Dashboard Alerts

Alerts in Edit View

Alerts window displays important account information such as upcoming account renewals and missed renewals.

For trial users, the remaining days left for the free trial is displayed here.


Dashboard Tiles

Dashboard Tiles
The Dashboard contains tiles that provide shortcuts to the most the most common tasks in the account.  

Example of some of the shortcuts that can be found in the Dashboard tiles include:
  • Shortcut to the most recent gallery
  • Shortcut to Pending Orders
  • Shortcut to creating a new Blog Post
  • Shortcut to recent Visitor Comments
The shortcuts will vary by plan type.


My Zenfolio View Switcher

From your Dashboard, you can see a preview of your Zenfolio website or go to Customize Website View to edit your site.

To go to either view, hover the mouse pointer over Website, then click on Customize Website or Preview Website.
Website to Preview Website

You can also see a video walkthrough on the Dashboard here:


Dashboard - Photos Area

In this section of the Dashboard, you will be able to access all of your Photos, Groups, Galleries and Collections.
The Photos section is divided into three areas. The Organizer, the Main Area, and the Toolbox.

Edit View - Overview

Main area

The Main area offers you an overall view of your Zenfolio pages. This is where you upload photos, apply sorting order, and send invitations. Thumbnails of galleries, groups, and individual photos load in the Main Area. You can edit and organize them in this area using the Organizer and the Toolbox sections.


The Organizer is located on the left side of your Dashboard Photos page.

The Organizer holds all galleries, collections and groups in the order they are presented to your visitors. You can expand a group to see its content by either clicking the plus [+] sign next to its name or by clicking the group's name to select it.

You can also delete, rename, and move items in the Organizer as well as create new groups, galleries, and collections.


The Toolbox is located on the right side of your Dashboard Photos page.

The Toolbox shows detailed information about items selected in the Main Area. Information is broken up into tabs, with each tab having multiple sections. Depending on the item selected, there can be several tabs available across the top of the Toolbox each holding specific types of information.


Dashboard - Settings

The Settings area of your account contains most of the administrative functions, where you will be able to review and determine many of your account settings such as general Account information, Billing information, Website settings as well as your Selling preferences.

To make changes in Settings...
  1. In the Dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. Choose the page in the menu displayed on the left.
  3. Make your desired changes in the main area.
  4. Make sure to Save before leaving the page.

Settings General Information

Please see this guide for more details on Settings.