Groups and How to Use Them to Organize Your Galleries

Groups in Edit View

Galleries can be organized into Groups. Groups are similar to folders in your computer, with groups storing your galleries and other groups.

Groups are the main instrument for organizing your galleries and your images.  With groups, you can turn your galleries into subcategories and compartmentalize your photos.

An example of how to use Groups would be to use it to separate photos taken from different countries in different continents.

You can have a group called North America and in this group, have more galleries and groups for countries that are in North America such as USA, Mexico and Canada. 

You can have groups containing multiple layers of groups, so you can further subdivide images.  So for example, you would have a group for USA inside of the North America group.  That group can then have galleries for different states such as California, Texas and New York..

Here is a breakdown of the group/gallery hierarchy in the given example:

Groups Overview


Each group will have its own web page that is used to present online thumbnails of the galleries it contains.  The group's web page is customizable via Customize Website View.

You can create any number of groups and organize them into a hierarchy that suits your needs.

Groups can be moved in and out of other groups at any time.  Moving a group preserves the link (URL) to the group and the links to the group's contents.

A group can have a name and a caption.   The name will be listed under the group's thumbnail when it is displayed in its containing group.

The caption can be displayed on the groups page and helps to describe the group and its contents.  This also helps greatly with your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As with galleries, you can control access to the group by editing the group's Access Control settings.

Basic functions can be found under Common Tasks.

You can also see a demo on how to use groups to organize galleries in this tutorial video.

Group menu

The Group Menu gives you quick access to common tasks. It is available on mouse-over anywhere a group thumbnail is visible in the Main Area.

To access the Group Menu:

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. In the Organizer, select the group that contains the group you would like to edit.
  3. Click on the thumbnail of the desired group.  A menu arrow will appear.  Click on the menu arrow and the Group Menu will appear.

Group Menu

Many basic operations can be accessed through this menu, including:

Other common tasks are: