Sorting the Display Order of Photographs and Videos in Galleries

You can change the order in which groups, galleries, collections, photos and videos are displayed on your site.

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This guide covers changing the display order or sorting of photos and videos.

See this link for how to sort groups, galleries and collections

There are many ways of automatically sorting photographs and video inside a gallery, group or collection.

Please note: The Filename sorting order is the default setting whenever photos and videos are uploaded to a new gallery.

When multiple photos are selected for uploading using the Zenfolio Batch Uploader tool, the files will not be automatically uploaded in order based on their file names.  They are uploaded in order based on a combination of the order in which they are added to the uploader and their file size.

The system will upload a few photos at a time and photos with smaller file sizes will upload first regardless of their file name.  The system will then choose more photos to upload next as photos get uploaded.


Displaying Images in a Random Order

Unfortunately, there isn't a built in option for automatically displaying photos in a random order. Instead, the manual sorting order option can be used to drag and drop the images so that the images are displayed in a random order.  Alternatively, the images' can be given random file names before uploading to Zenfolio, then sorted by those random file names.

You can also see a demo on how to sort photos in this tutorial video:

For Zenfolio users that signed up after May 10 2018, please click here for updated instructions using the new Photos Page in the Dashboard.

To Change the Sorting of Photos in Their Galleries

  1. In the Dashboarded, go to the Photos tab.
  2. Select the gallery you would like to edit by either selecting it in the Organizer or double-clicking it in the Main Area. Thumbnails will load in the Main Area and the name of the gallery will display at the top.
  3. Click on the sorting method displayed in the toolbar above the thumbnails.  A drop down menu will appear.
  4. Select the desired sorting method.  The images will be resorted immediately.  The change will also be reflected on your site immediately.
Change Photo Sorting



You can change the direction of the selected sorting method to be either Ascending or Descending.

  1. In the Photos tab, open the group containing the gallery, collection or additional group you would like to edit by either selecting it in the Organizer or double-clicking it in the Main Area. Thumbnails will load in the Main Area and the name of the item will display at the top.
  2. In the Section Menu, next to the selected sort criteria there will be a vertical arrow icon with horizontal lines.
  3. Click it to toggle the sorting direction from ascending to descending and vice versa.

Ascend Descend Sorting Order


To Manually Order

You can fine-tune sorting by manually dragging and dropping the photo or video thumbnails to the desired position.

Select the thumbnail of the item you would like to move and while holding down the mouse button drag it to the desired position and release the mouse button

Manual Photo Sorting

You can change the position of multiple photographs at the same time by selecting them first using multiple item selection and then dragging them to the desired position and then release the mouse button.

You can select multiple items by holding down the Control Key (Command Key on a Mac) on your keyboard then clicking on the desired items.