Selecting a video thumbnail as a cover thumbnail

Any video contained within any gallery or collection can be assigned as a Cover Thumbnail for any gallery, group or collection. A Cover thumbnail is like a book cover. It visually provides clues as to what can be found inside the container.

It is best to select the most representative and memorable photograph inside to be the Cover Thumbnail. Most often the video used for a gallery are from within that gallery. For a group, many choose to use video from a gallery contained within that group.

Please note, only the video's own cover thumbnail will be applied as the cover thumbnail for the group, gallery or collection. The video itself will not be played when the thumbnail of the group, gallery or collection is viewed.


Assigning Cover Thumbnail to a group, gallery, or collection:

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Select the gallery or collection that contains the video you would like to use as a Cover Thumbnail.
  3. In the Main Area, move your mouse over the video you would like to assign as a Cover Thumbnail. Click on the menu arrow that appears.
  4. From the Video Menu choose Select as Cover Thumbnail. The Set Cover Thumbnail window will appear.
  5. Assign the selected video to the desired gallery, group, or collection.
  6. Click Assign to apply your changes. A thumbnail of the selected video will appear under Toolbox » Cover Photo of the gallery, group, or collection you have chosen, confirming the selection.

Selecting a Video as Cover Thumbnail