Configuring the Options for a Gallery or Collection

When customizing a Gallery or Collection Thumbnails page, the photographer is able to apply different Themes, Layouts and Options to the page. 

This guide covers how to access Options and provides additional details about some of the configurable elements found in Options.

For Zenfolio users that signed up after May 10 2018, please click here for updated instructions using the new Photos Page in the Dashboard.

Options can be found in Customize Website View. To access the Customize Website View for a gallery or collection, follow these steps:
  1. In the Dashboard, go to Photos.
  2. Navigate to the desired Gallery or Collection under the Organizer.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over Preview then click on Customize.
Preview to CVV

The page will refresh with Customize Website View displayed at the top, confirming that you are in the customization mode.
  1. Click Options in the top menu. A popup window will open.
  2. Uncheck Use Default Settings For Layout, Theme, and Options if necessary. 
  3. Choose the tab that contains the elements that you would like to edit
  4. Check/uncheck elements to display or hide them on the page.
  5. Click Apply to confirm and apply the selection. The page will refresh with the new layout applied. Repeat steps 3 to 4 until you are happy with the selection.
  6. Click Publish to apply the changes to your live site and exit Customize Website View.​​

Gallery Options

Here is a breakdown of the different options available in each tab. These options can vary based on the layout applied to the gallery thumbnails page. If you see 'Not available for this layout', it means that you will need to apply a different layout to display that element.



Click on the link below to navigate directly to the details about the Options in that tab.

 Note: Available elements change depending on the type of visitor page you are customizing.


Thumbnails Page

  • Enable Thumbnails Page – Show/Hide thumbnails page for galleries (Links will navigate directly to photo pages)​
  • When thumbnails are clicked – Open photo page or Dim the Lights​
    This controls whether the Photo Pages are displayed when a thumbnail is clicked or if you prefer that the site visitor stay in the thumbnails page and view the clicked image in Dim the Lights mode. Click here for more details on using this option.
Gallery Options Thumbnails Page tab

Page Elements

This tab contains the most editable elements. Not all elements can be displayed so you will need to scroll down to see all of the elements.
  • Show page header – show or hide
  • Show page footer – show or hide​
  • Top banner – Show or Hide
  • Banner height – Auto or Custom size (from 200 to 800 pixels)
  • Caption – The description you have created
  • Caption Alignment - This is used to control the alignment and display of the gallery's caption on the page.
  • Path to Gallery (breadcrumbs) – The link back to your Home Page and containing group (if applicable)
  • Categories and Keywords – Descriptive words and phrases assigned to your photos to aid search engines and the Search feature
  • Number of Items – The total number of Public photos available to view
  • Select Photos button – Show or hide
  • Slideshow button – This button allows your clients to view the images in a full screen slideshow
  • Share Button – The Share button provides your clients with the ability to use the built in Sharing tools to share the link to the page with others
  • Videos  
  • Create Book button – Show or hide (this is only available if Photo Books are available for purchase from the gallery)
  • Facebook Like and Tweet buttons - Show or hide
  • Pagination – Hiding Pagination will force all thumbnails to load on one gallery page (only available when using thumbnail grid layout D)
  • Featured Products – Adds featured products to be displayed.
  • Photo Toolbar – This option lists Saving Favorites functions you have enabled and needs to be set to Auto-show or Show in order for this feature to work. Toolbar functions include (if allowed): Add to FavoritesBuy, and Download.
  • Date Created – The date the gallery was created
  • Date Modified – The date the gallery was last modified
  • Number of Visitors – The total number of unique visitors to the gallery
Gallery Options Page Elements tab


Layout Options

  • Here you can choose whether the page width is either Dynamic or Fixed. Dynamic means the width changes based on the width of the browser window used to view the page. Fixed sets the width to a fixed width regardless of the size of the browser window.
Gallery Options Layout Options tab


Grid Options

For your Gallery pages you will be able to choose a grid style. Each grid style will have its own settings where you can adjust for size and spacing for the grid thumbnails.
Click here to learn more about the dynamic thumbnail grids layouts and their available options!

Gallery Options Grid Options tab



The options displayed in this page will vary based on the layout chosen in the Grid Options tab.
  • Title – This allows you to choose whether or not the image or video's title is displayed on the page.
  • Access Control Icon – This icon identifies the access control setting as it pertains to public, private, password-protected, etc.
  • Sequence Number – This option numbers your thumbnails within the gallery separate from the photo title
  • Video Duration – Show or hide (if you have a video in your gallery)

Gallery Options Thumbnails tab



  • Guestbook – A registry for your visitors to leave comments
  • Link to Guestbook – A quick link to the Guestbook
  • Number of Guestbook Entries – The total number of Public entries (Private entries are not included)

Gallery Options Guestbook tab



Choose to allow sharing through various social media sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Gallery Options Share tab