Accessing and Editing Homepage Options

Along with Presets, Themes and Layouts, you can choose different Options to customize the look and feel of your Homepage.

You can choose which options and elements to display and set different values for some of the elements. You have the option to Hide or Show these as you see fit.

The available options will vary depending on the home page layout you choose.

This is also where you can upload a logo for display in the homepage. Click here for more details.

Please also see this video on customizing the homepage:


To change selected Page Options for your Homepage:

In the Dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over Website then click on Customize Website.Website to Customize Website View
The page will refresh with a new customization menu at the top, confirming that you are in the Customize Website View.

  1. Click Options in the top menu. A popup window will open.
  2. Choose the tab that contains the elements that you would like to edit
  3. Check/uncheck elements to display or hide them on the page.
  4. Click Apply to confirm and apply the selection. The page will refresh with the new layout applied. Repeat steps 3 to 4 until you are happy with the selection.
  5. Click Publish to apply the changes to your live site and exit Customize Website View.​​

Home Page Options


Here is a breakdown of the different options available in each tab.  These options can vary based on the layout applied to your homepage.  If you see 'Not available for this layout', it means that you will need to apply a different layout to display that element.


Page Elements


Layout Options

Most of the homepage layouts will allow you to determine whether the page width will be dynamic or fixed.

Dynamic will automatically set the width of the page to the browser's window's width and Fixed will set the width of the page to a fixed width regardless of the browser window width.

Depending on the homepage layout style, the elements in Layout Options will vary.
  • Top pad height - This applies to the Top Pad area in Full Screen Layouts
  • Bottom pad height - This applies to the Bottom Pad area in Full Screen Layouts
  • Sidebar position - This applies to the Side Bar area in Full Screen with Sidebar Layouts
  • Sidebar width - This applies to the Side Bar area in Full Screen with Sidebar Layouts
  • Logo position - This controls the placement of the logo on the homepage outside of the header
  • Spotlight Area Dimension - This controls the behavior of the Spotlight Content window in relation to other elements on the page.
  • Menu position
  • Narrow column position
  • Narrow column alignment – The alignment of the elements: Number of Visitors, Total Photos, etc.
  • Welcome message alignment
  • About message alignment

Grid Options

You can select to display the thumbnails on your homepage in a dynamic grid.  Each grid style will have its own settings where you can adjust for size and spacing for the grid thumbnails.

Click here to learn more about the dynamic thumbnail grids layouts and their available options!


These elements are displayed when Dynamic Grids are not applied.  Please see this link for the Thumbnail options when using Dynamic Grids.
  • Choose thumbnail size
  • Display Groups using – Controls the thumbnail graphic used to represent Groups
  • Title –  Shows or Hides the titles of groups/galleries represented by the thumbnails
  • Identifying Overlay Icon – This icon identifies whether the thumbnail relates to a group, gallery or collection
  • Access Control Icon – This icon identifies the access control setting as it pertains to public, private, password-protected, etc.
  • Number of Items Inside – The total number of Public photos available to view
  • Date Created – The date the item was created
  • Date Modified – The date the item was modified
  • Number of Visitors – The total number of unique visitors


  • Guestbook – Show/Hide
  • Link to Guestbook – A quick link to the Guestbook from the top of the page
  • Number of Guestbook entries – The total number of Public entries (Private entries are not included)


  • Use Display Name - Show's the site's Display Name as text
  • Upload logo image
For more information about all the available logo options for your pages please click here!

Welcome Message

Through this tab, you can submit a Welcome Message for your site.  See this guide for more details on submitting the Welcome Message.