Featured Galleries and Collections section

Featured Galleries Section in the Home Page

​Featured Galleries and Collections is used to help you highlight or "feature" some of your galleries and collections by making them highly visible to your visitors.

Galleries and Collections added to the Featured Galleries section will be displayed in the Featured Galleries and Collections page. Depending on your homepage layout, they can also be displayed on the homepage in their own Featured Galleries and Collections section.

Since this is meant to highlight specific galleries in your account, we recommend limiting the number of galleries in the Featured Galleries section to 20 galleries.

You can provide access to the Featured Galleries page your Site Visitors via its direct link or through a link in your Site Menu.

You can find the direct link to your Featured Galleries and Collections in your Built-In Pages.

Click here for a guide on how to edit the Site Menu and add/remove the link to the Featured Galleries and Collections page.

The option to show or hide the Featured Galleries section in the home page can be found in Options.  This section can only be displayed in select home page layouts (mainly the Classic Layouts).

You can add or remove a gallery or collection to/from the Featured Galleries and Collections section at any time.

Featured Galleries and Collectios New Edit View