Customizing the Shopping Cart Theme

Like other pages in your Zenfolio site, the Shopping Cart can be customized with different Themes. Themes control the colors, opacities and background displayed on a page. It also controls fonts, font sizes and colors.

A number of themes are available but you can also create your own Custom Theme and apply it to this page.

In order to change the Theme of the Shopping Cart, you must first access the Shopping Cart from the Website View of your site.

From the Dashboard, hover the mouse pointer over Website then click on Preview Website.
Website to Preview Website

Once you're viewing your website, follow these steps to access the Shopping Cart and Customize Website View:
  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the cart icon in the top right corner of the screen then click on Go to Cart in the menu that appears. This will take you to the Shopping Cart.
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over Edit then click on Layout in the menu that appears.
Go to Customize Website View in Cart
The page will refresh with customization tools displayed at the top, confirming that you are in the customization mode.
  1. In Customize Website View, click Theme. The Select a Theme pop-up window will open.
  2. Select the Theme you wish to use. If you select the theme headed with SAME AS HOMEPAGE, the theme of your Shopping Cart will always follow the theme applied to the Home page.
  3. Click Apply to select the theme. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you are satisfied.
  4. Click Publish to apply your changes to your live site and exit Customize Website View.

Shopping Cart how to change theme