Locate and Preview Built-in Pages

​In addition to pages like your Homepage and Gallery pages, your Zenfolio account comes with other Built In Pages that are used for the general needs of a photography website.

These Built In Pages can be used to convey information to your clients such as information about you and your photography business, your contact information and news about you and your site.

Built In Pages still allow page theme, page layout and page options to be customized, but all other changes must be made by editing their content directly.

Please note: not all Built In Pages are available at all plan levels.

Please see these links for more information about these Built In Pages and for how to edit the page's content:

Here are the steps for accessing the list of Built In Pages

  1. In the Dashboard, hover the mouse pointer over Website then click on Built-in Pages.
  2. Click on the link next to Preview URL to view the page.
  3. Click Customize to customize the built in page's Theme, Layout and Options.​​​
Locate Built in Pages

You can also access your Built in Pages using this link.